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The Beginners Guide To Probiotics

As you age, you begin to run into various health issues and challenges. Some of them are serious, and others are minor but obnoxious. Luckily, we live in the 21st century, and the advances of modern medicine have given us solutions to many of these issues. The problem is, most...
Diet & Nutrition

4 Things No One Told You About Plant-Based Supplements

Photo: Twenty20 Whether you’re searching for a B-complex vitamin or a hemp protein powder, when it comes to plant-based supplements, there are a ton of options on store shelves. And to make it more confusing, lots of companies have recently launched their own lines — Goop, The Beauty Chef and...
Diet & Nutrition

Build Flexibility With These Key Fitness Moves

Photo: iStock  Whether you’re sitting at a desk or constantly up on your feet, chances are at the end of the day your body is feeling stiff. While it’s important to stretch before a workout, anyone can benefit from stretching a couple of times a day. If your body goals...
Diet & Nutrition

Frappuccino or Coolatta? The 7 Worst Iced Coffee Orders

Photo: Pond5 Put away your travel mugs — it’s officially iced coffee season! Whether it’s powering you through a morning workout or lending an energizing mid-afternoon boost, iced coffee is oh-so-refreshing on a warm day. But beware: Caffeinated beverages (like coffee-based milkshakes) from popular coffee chains can be worse for...
Diet & Nutrition

20 Kitchen Gadgets to Make Healthy Eating Easy

At the end of a tough day, it can be hard to motivate yourself to cook a healthy meal. We’ve all been there: Sometimes you just have to order in or resort to pre-packaged foods. But make this a habit, and your healthy diet can start slipping — fast. Most restaurant...
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