11 Exceptional Reasons Why Every Homeowner Should Invest in a Nicer Yard

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As a homeowner, it is easy to become complacent with the way your yard looks.  A few overgrown hedges, or a clump of weeds overtaking your un-mowed lawn, or an unused desolate area in your backyard may easy to overlook and not seem like a big deal.

But investing in a nicer yard is something that can be beneficial in ways you might not have considered.

Front or back, your yard can become a destination that brings not only a sense of happiness about your home, but also financial benefits.

When you invest in a nicer yard, you’ll get more enjoyment outside, treasure your leisure time, and increase the resale value of your home if you plan to sell in the future.

Here are 11 reasons why it’s worth the investment to spruce up your outdoor spaces and create a nicer yard.

  1. Increase the Value of Your Property

Studies have found that landscaping can increase the price of a property from 5.5 percent to 12.7 percent. That equates to thousands of dollars!

The impression of your home’s outdoor areas create has a big influence on a potential buyer’s initial feelings and their purchasing decision. Something as simple as laying a new lawn and adding some splashes of color into a garden can dramatically change the perception of the property and make an impact.

Investing in the services of a professional landscape company might seem expensive, but with a little bit of research, you’ll be surprised how reasonable, fast, and worthwhile it can be now and in the future, if you decide to put your home on the market.

  • Start at the Front

Your front yard serves as the entry point to your home and is the first thing you and others see. Investing in landscaping features like bushes, colorful flowers, pathways, and trees add instant curb appeal. The appearance of your front yard shows that your home is a well-cared for and comfortable place to be living. A first impression is important not just for guests or potential buyers, but also for your own peace of mind.

  • Let’s Eat Outside!

Don’t overlook the idea of creating in an outside cooking space; they top the list of the most popular trends and are well worth the investment. It is a feature that you will appreciate more and more as time goes on and will certainly increase the value of your home.  Adding an outdoor kitchen or barbecue grill to increase your entertaining area is a practical decision since it will cut down on frequent trips inside the house to gather supplies. It allows you to enjoy more time outdoors while cooking and mingling with your guests, instead of being stuck inside, away from all the fun. Outdoor bars are another great option for serving beverages while entertaining family and friends. And you can be sure it will be put more money in your pocket if you decide to sell your home.

  • Increase Your Living Space

Rather than viewing your outdoor space as merely a patch of grass for the dog to use, consider it as an extension of your interior space instead.

Outdoor rooms are outstanding ways to invest in your property and expand your living space. By creating extra areas to socialize, you will enhance the value of your yard. Usable outdoor spaces are not just a great reason for resale, but they can be designed to expand your area to dine and play.  From a deck to a screened-in porch or an outdoor living room, you will boost the appeal of enjoying the outdoors year-round and find that being outside is one of your favorite activities.

Outdoor living spaces don’t have to involve large expenses.  A small cabana or covered patio or simply adding awnings and canopies works perfectly to keep you and your guests shielded from the elements, whether it is hot or cool.

The recent explosion of adding a she-shed or man cave is the latest way to upgrade your yard.  Available in all shapes and sizes, they are commonly used as gyms, yoga and meditation rooms, or reading areas. If you have the space, you are only limited by your imagination.

  • Kid Safe

Every family wants (and needs) spaces for children and grandchildren to run, play, and get their energy out. A simple swing set, a sandbox, slide, or a playhouse can be magical and create lasting memories.  Investing in safe social spaces for your kids provides an opportunity for them to connect with friends. Getting out of the house is important for children and a tempting outdoor area will take them away from indoor screen time and encourage them to explore in the fresh air.

More serene areas are also great for kids to sit quietly, read a special book, and just slow down. And all this will certainly increase the value of your home.

  • Staycations

In our fast-past, chaotic world today, staying local during time off is more widespread than ever. So, it is important to take full advantage of every inch of outdoor space. Your backyard is the perfect place to spend more quality time with friends and family. Investing in your backyard allows you to create a space that makes you comfortable staying at home.

The choices for a landscape makeover are endless from grassy areas that are ideal for a picnic, or a fire pit for the roasting of marshmallows, or creating a water feature like a miniature pond or fountain. With a little help, you can create a beautifully crafted and calming escape. Quite simply, your backyard can become a relaxing oasis as well as add more life to your property.

  • Invest in Privacy

Current and potential homeowners are happiest when their nosy neighbors are kept at a distance.  Investing in landscaping that includes hedges and shrubbery will provide a peaceful and private setting to your backyard. Well-placed trees will also insulate a home in the winter and provide sun relief in the hotter months.

  • Light It Up

LED and solar technology offer affordable and appealing ways to brighten up your yard for entertaining and showing off your outdoor space. When you illuminate outdoor areas, the lights not only brighten the surroundings, but also brighten pathways and gathering areas.

The beauty of outdoor lighting is you will get an immediate return on your investment, while enjoying all the great benefits it will provide you and your family. According to the National Association of Home Builders, 41% of potential buyers rate outdoor lighting as an essential quality.

And lighting your property is a necessary investment to scare off potential burglars. It is a smart way to add security to your home and deter crime.

  • Benefit the Environment

From providing trees for the birds, to planting flowers for bees, a yard’s environmental potential is endless. Plants also absorb C02 in the air that contributes to global warming and converts it to lifegiving, planet-protecting oxygen. In other words, investing in plants won’t just make your yard pretty, they can actually purify the air and promote the health of your family and the city where you live. Your investment in your backyard will go far beyond your own benefit.

  1. Increase Happiness

Yes, it’s true.  Being in a positive outdoor space can actually improve your quality of life. Going outdoors has proven to reduce stress, improve creativity, fight depression, and reduce anxiety. The physical benefits of breathing cleaner air and the benefits of sunlight on blood pressure and our immune system. Numerous studies have proven that regardless of their age, people are simply not meant to be indoors all the time. We need and crave the outside air.

By investing in a garden space, you not only create a view to be admired from the kitchen window, but a space that has the potential to improve physical and emotional states.

  1. Reduce Your Grocery Bill

You don’t have to turn your entire backyard a vegetable garden to get started on growing your own food. A few pots or raised planters can go a long way to reducing the amount of produce that you buy at your local grocery store.

There’s nothing better than the taste and satisfaction of homegrown foods. Imagine being able to go outside and pick a fresh head of lettuce or rosemary or tomatoes.  When landscaping your garden, invest in greenery that includes something that you can eat.  It’s always helpful to contact a professional and get advice on where and what to plant to make sure your garden grows strong and healthy.

A Final Thought

Investing in your front and backyards will make your home and surroundings more fun and functional, while also increasing its value.

It may seem overwhelming to get started, but Shrubhub.com can help you stop worrying about your yard and start loving it. The experts at Shrubhub will provide imaginative and economical ways to inspire and implement your outdoor spaces at an affordable price, and all the work can be done online from the comfort of your home.

When you work with Shrubhub, you will collaborate with professional landscape architects to share your vision and have support from outstanding customer service throughout the process. You work hard for your money and you deserve to invest in a yard you can be proud of and enjoy.

Get started now with Shrubhub. It’s time to finally love your yard and stop being embarrassed by it.