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The Hottest Restaurant is Your Own Kitchen: How Online Resources Can Help You Become A Great Cook

Cooking can be intimidating at first. It can be daunting and overwhelming, especially if you have no experience or guidance. But with so many benefits of a home cooked meal and so many new online resources, 2018 is the perfect time to get started on your culinary journey.

Creating and eating your own meals can help you save money, it can help you lose weight, and using real ingredients and produce can have a dramatically positive effect on your body and mind. Imagine substituting meals loaded with preservatives and chemicals for fresh veggies, natural dairy, and anti-biotic free meat.

You could feel lighter, happier, skinnier, and with each new meal you DO actually feel a real sense of accomplishment.

Okay great, but what if you simply don’t know how to cook?

Fear not!

Even if you can’t crack an egg without getting shells all up in your scrambled eggs or if you think baking powder and baking soda are the same thing, these resources can help you make Gordon Ramsey proud.

Everything from the very basics to gourmet cuisines are available online right now. (And you don’t have to cook every single day, but the more you try to fit home-cooking into your weekly schedule, the better you’ll get, the more comfortable you’ll feel, and the better your skills will become.)

Let’s take a look at some fun, popular resources that can help elevate your cooking game:

The Reluctant Gourmet

Created by a work-at-home Dad who needed to cook for his family, the Reluctant Gourmet is all about learning to cook, even if you hate cooking.

In their “Techniques” section, you can learn the VERY basic principles behind Baking, Boiling, Braising, Roasting, Frying, Grilling, Sauces, and everything else you could imagine. Ever wanted to learn how to “poach an egg”… or even what that means? The Reluctant Gourmet can help familiarize you with the fundamentals of cooking.

Basics with Babish

A sudden YouTube sensation, Andrew Rea started his online cooking presence with his first show, Binging with Babish in which he recreated some of pop-culture’s most famous dishes. He showed us how to make the tamales from Coco, lasagna from Garfield, and even had an entire episode about all the foods in Harry Potter.

His new channel he decided to help his viewers learn the basics of home cooking.

With great pacing, editing, video quality, and a good sense of humor, Basics with Babish can keep you engaged while teaching you everything you need to know about cooking.  With about 20 episodes so far, you’ll learn about steak basics, chicken breasts & thighs, bread, burgers, sauces, and more.


More specifically, their Videos & Recipes section. This library might be the most underrated source of incredible recipes on the internet today.

How2Heroes goes to top restaurants around the world to film head chefs create their favorite dishes. That might sound too ambitious for some of you, but once you master the basics of cooking, these step-by-step videos will show you exactly what to do. You can pause, rewind, review, bookmark your trouble spots, and create restaurant quality meals simply by following their instructions.

Everything from Breakfast to Appetizers to Salads, Techniques, Holiday Dishes, and even Cocktails – all recipes listed, all recipes performed ON video by head chefs.

Food Wishes with Chef John

A library of literally a thousand different video tutorials from foods around the world.

Chef John is a unique host, but very easy to understand, knowledgeable, funny, and adventurous. He’s been posting video recipes for 11 years and you can find everything from a simple relish recipe to Korean BBQ Buns. Each video is packed with information, they’re well produced, they’re easy to follow, and his recipes are more-often-than not completely delicious.

A fun cheat-sheet to impress your dinner guests.

Jamie Oliver / Gordon Ramsey

Both Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey have popular YouTube channels where they go over their favorite recipes step-by-step. Some of their recipes can be a little more advanced, but you can learn how to make an incredibly delicious Lemon Sole seafood dinner in less than 5 minutes and you’ll be surprised JUST how simple it can be.

In fact, most of their recipes are simple in theory and just need proper execution. While both of their channels have shorter videos (usually less than 5 or 6 minutes) and this can seem overwhelming, you can pause and rewind when you’re behind so you can really study what they’re telling you.

With literally HUNDREDS of videos between the two of them, you can find your favorite recipes and tackle them in your kitchen whenever you feel like you’re ready.

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