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The Real Reason Why You Might Be Struggling to Lose Weight

By Mandy Fullerton

“I just can’t do it. Nothing works,” my friend Carol said to me. “I’ve tried dieting, I’ve tried exercising, I’ve bought all sorts of worthless contraptions…”

She took a minute to compose herself. “I just can’t seem to lose any weight,” she finally said.

I reached across the table to squeeze her hand. I knew just how she felt – because I’d been there myself.

Does this sound familiar to you? You spend enormous amounts of effort planning and sticking to a strict diet, practically starving yourself for weeks at a time. You kill yourself in the gym, dripping sweat doing aerobics or Pilates or weight training. And then, after a few weeks of this, you gin up the courage to weigh yourself again.

And nothing has changed. Or worse – you’ve actually somehow gained weight.

It can be one of the most demoralizing feelings in the world, a real kick in the gut. All that hard work, all that discipline – for nothing.

This is the point where most people, completely disheartened, reach for the carton of ice cream and plop themselves in front of the TV. And I can’t say I blame them.

Here’s the thing I tell people like Carol when they come to me with sob stories like that: all that diet and exercise should work – and if it doesn’t, then it’s time to explore if there’s something else going on.

One of the most common reasons people struggle to lose weight is an underlying thyroid condition. Your thyroid produces hormones that regulates your metabolism, and if your thyroid is underactive, it can sabotage your weight loss efforts before you even start.

Imagine if every time you cut back on calories, your body responds by dialing back your metabolism. In that case, it may be that no amount of dieting will ever help you lose weight, because for every step forward you take, your thyroid pushes you two steps back.

It’s not only your metabolism that can be affected, either – it can also wreak havoc on your energy levels. Every time you thought you were too lazy to go to the gym? It may be that you were just suffering from an underactive thyroid that was preventing your body from manufacturing the energy it needs to handle a tough workout.

Simply put: if your thyroid isn’t functioning properly, you’re wasting your time trying to lose weight.

That’s why Carol nearly broke down in tears talking to me. That’s why I’ve seen so many people on the verge of giving up, convinced that they’d never be able to lose even 5 pounds, much less get the body of their dreams.

But there’s good news: an underactive thyroid is not a death sentence for your weight loss goals. There are steps you can take to restore proper thyroid function, allowing you to finally see results from your diet and exercise routines.

The first thing you need to do is give your thyroid the nutritional support it needs. Now, I can hear you saying, “I’ve tried diets, and they don’t work – and you even said that they won’t help if my thyroid isn’t doing its job! What gives?”

The simple fact is, the nutrients your thyroid needs aren’t found in the average person’s diet, even if they eat healthy. You need to take specific action to improve thyroid function.

And that’s not the only thing potentially holding you back. One of the most important substances for your thyroid is iodine. However, even if you do eat foods (like broccoli) that are naturally high in iodine, it might not help – because modern farming practices strip those foods of their nutrient value.

That’s why most of the best foods for thyroid issues come from untainted natural sources like seaweed – and let’s face it, how much seaweed do you get in your diet? Unless you have the money and ability to eat sushi every meal, chances are you’re not eating much.

Many of the other top thyroid foods are commonly found in traditional ayurvedic medicine, which limits them to the Indian subcontinent. If you’re not living next to an absurdly well-stocked (and likely expensive) alternative foods store, you’re not going to be able to get everything you need from diet alone.

That’s why many health professionals urge their clients to take a thyroid supplement. It’s the quickest, easiest, and surest way to ensure that your thyroid is functioning properly, so that you can finally see some results from all your hard work.

My personal favorite – and the one I recommended to Carol – is called Thyromine, which is specifically formulated to support both the thyroid and adrenal glands. It revs up your metabolism, while also boosting energy levels.

Regardless of what you choose, if you’ve struggled to lose weight, then it’s important to rule out a thyroid condition before taking any further action. I can’t tell you the impact I’ve seen on people’s lives once they get proper thyroid support – it’s night and day.

Oh, and Carol? After taking Thyromine and getting her thyroid under control, she’s finally seeing results with her weight loss – and it’s happening faster than she ever thought possible.

To learn more about Thyromine and why it’s so effective, the website is full of information and testimonials. Don’t suffer from a hormonal imbalance any longer. Get your thyroid – and your life – back under control with Thyromine.

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