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How I Finally Erased My Stretch Marks for Good

By Susan Lake

On August 13, 2015, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Aiden was my third, and he was perfect – 8 pounds, 7 ounces of adorable, pink little flesh that I wouldn’t change for anything in the world.

He – and his older brother and sister – changed me, though.

Stretch marks. They left me stretch marks, all up and down my body. My tummy, my sides, my legs – they were everywhere.

And while I love my children more than anything, I really hated these reminders that I’d carried each of them inside me for 9 months.

If you suffer from stretch marks, then you understand how it feels: not being able to wear shorts because of the blemishes on your legs, putting on a long-sleeved shirt even when it’s hot outside, and never, ever letting anyone see your stomach. It’s awful.

It got to a point where I just got tired of it. I was tired of feeling like a prisoner in my own body, and I was tired of feeling self-conscious every time I showed even a sliver of skin.

Every time I’d go online, I’d see ads for stretch mark reducers. They were everywhere, all claiming to erase blemishes overnight. I began to wonder if there was really something to them, but I didn’t want to get fooled.

I began to spend nights doing research on treating stretch marks (yes, I was obsessed – don’t judge me!). I learned that there are things that can help – but very few products have the right ingredients to be effective.

My big breakthrough is when I discovered squalene oil.

Squalene oil used to be called shark liver oil, but don’t freak out – it’s no longer made from fish. Modern squalene oil comes from rice bran, wheat germ, or olive oil.

But the fact that it’s found in shark livers is very interesting. I already knew that sharks have amazing disease-fighting abilities, plus the ability to repair themselves. Could the squalene oil be why?

As it turns out, squalene oil does play a big part in it. The oil’s properties encourage skin cells to repair and regenerate, which helps sharks heal wounds – and can also help your skin erase blemishes.

While squalene oil is fantastic for all blemishes, it does something especially miraculous for stretch marks. It actually repairs and strengthens the bonds between skin cells.

Think about that. They’re called stretch marks – and squalene oil can help repair the stretching.

The strengthening also makes it perfect for anyone who’s planning to have more kids (not me!) or still experience growing pains. By strengthening the bonds between cells, it makes it less likely that new marks will form.

Unfortunately, finding a good – and affordable – squalene oil proved to be more trouble than I was anticipating.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some good ones out there – but they were incredibly expensive. I wanted to get rid of my stretch marks, but I also have to raise three children! I can’t be spending over $100 on beauty products.

Finally, I was able to find one that had enough squalene oil to make a difference – Stretch Mark Prevention by Revitol.

I bought a tube, and it came in just a couple of days. I wasn’t sure what to expect – would it stink? I don’t want to have to rub smelly lotion on my skin.

Luckily, it wasn’t smelly or greasy. It went on light and easy, something I could easily see myself using every day.

Of course, I know what you’re thinking – does it work? Get to the point!

I’ve only been using it for a few weeks, but I have to say – it’s definitely making a difference for me. The marks on my legs and tummy are lighter already, and the ones on my chest are almost gone.

It even seems to help with itching – I wish I’d had it when I was pregnant!

I’m for sure going to keep using it, and hopefully in another few weeks everything will have vanished. Either way, I’m super happy with my results so far, and I’m glad all my research paid off.

If you’d like to try Stretch Mark Prevention for yourself, you can learn more about it here. They also have some pretty amazing testimonials on their page, so I guess I’m not alone in being a big fan of this stuff!

I love my kids, and I’d happily endure a lifetime of stretch marks for them. But having my kids without having to keep a bunch of unwanted mementos from my pregnancies? That’s a win/win.

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