My Tired, Puffy Eyes Almost Cost Me My Job – And What I Did to Fix Them

By Nicole Thomas

I’ll never forget the day my boss called me into his office.

I’d been working at this great new marketing job for just over six months. It wasn’t my first “real” job – but it was the first real job I actually cared about. I was excited that I was finally using my expensive college degree, I was happy to be working on projects that challenged me, and I was thrilled to be in a professional workplace in which I was allowed to look my best every day – or so I thought.

Then one day a secretary came by and tapped me on the shoulder. “Mr. Carter (not his real name) wants to see you,” she said.

My heart froze. I knew it probably wasn’t good news – it was too soon to expect a raise or a promotion. Plus, Mr. Carter wasn’t exactly the type to call you into his office to give you a pat on the back.

I screwed up all of my courage and made the long walk down the hall to his office. He didn’t even look up when I knocked on the door.

“Nicole,” he said in that gruff voice of his. “Sit down.”

Gulp. I’d never been fired from a job before – is this how it goes?

“How have things been going?” he asked. I told him that I thought they were going great – I was enjoying the job and had been doing pretty good work, in my opinion.

It didn’t seem like he’d heard a word that had come out of my mouth. “Look,” he said. “We take our work seriously around here – and we expect you to, as well.”

Ok…I had been taking work seriously! What was he talking about?

“I know you’re young,” he continued. “But you can’t go out and party every night and still expect to do a good job in a professional environment such as this.”

Now I was really confused. I’ve never been a partier – unless you consider watching Netflix with my cat until 11 pm every night partying.

There was no convincing Mr. Carter of that, though. In fact, he seemed to be upset that I’d even try to deny it. “The proof is all over your face,” he said.

Excuse me – what?

Then it hit me. I’ve always had bags under my eyes, and they’re there no matter how much sleep I get. I’d learned to live with them – but I never thought they’d betray me like this.

“Look,” he finally said. “You’re young, and you should have fun. And you’re doing good work here. I just wanted to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.”

I mumbled a thank you and retreated from his office. I knew right then that Netflix would have to wait – I’d be spending my weekend figuring out ways to make my eyes look as young as the rest of me!

One thing I quickly learned during my research is that I certainly wasn’t alone. Puffy, baggy eyes is one of the most common complaints that women of all ages have about their beauty.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy to figure out what to do about it.

The first thing I learned was you need to increase moisture to the skin cells around your eyes. The skin there is thinner than elsewhere on the body, so it needs all of the support it can get.

But I was already moisturizing – wasn’t that enough? No, it turns out, unless you’re using a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid. It’s one of the most potent anti-aging ingredients known to man, but it’s not yet widely used. It’s fantastic for filling in fine lines and wrinkles, though, and can even out the puffiness in around your eyes.

Then, you need something to specifically target the bags under your eyes. Until recently, that was almost impossible, but a new compound called Captex 8000 has recently been developed that reduces puffiness without harsh chemicals.

Now, if you don’t have enough money to spend on a ton of different cosmetics (and I certainly didn’t, as an entry-level employee who had already gotten “the talk” from her boss!), you’ll need to find a product that has both of these compounds in one.

That’s not as simple as it sounds. Captex 8000 is especially difficult to find, as it’s so brand-new that many cosmetics companies haven’t figured out how to use it yet.

One of the few products I found that met my criteria was called Revitol Eye Cream. In addition to Captex 8000, it also has hyaluronic acid mixed with wheat protein to thicken crepey skin.

I did some research on it, reading testimonials and looking at before-and-after pics, and ultimately decided to give it a shot. It wasn’t too expensive, so if it turned out to be worthless I wouldn’t be out too much money.

I started using it religiously after I got it, and I have to say…the results are pretty incredible! My bags are almost completely gone (and you can’t see them at all when I have makeup on), and there were some crow’s feet forming that have been erased.

Now, I’m not going to say that Revitol Eye Cream caused me to get a big promotion or the corner office…but when I passed Mr. Carter in the hall, he made it a point to tell me that it looked like I’d been getting more rest! Problem solved!

If you have struggled with bags or wrinkles around your eyes, you don’t have to suffer anymore. Revitol Eye Cream is seriously a miracle product – I would panic if I ran out! I’ve given it to my mom and a few friends, and they all swear by it, too – but if it doesn’t work, they have a 90-day money-back return policy, so you’re covered there.

Again, I’m not saying this cream will change your life…but as I learned the hard way, you never know just how much looking tired can affect the way people think of you.

To learn more about Revitol Eye Cream, go here to check out some testimonials and read up on the science behind it.

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