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The Truth About Telemedicine: Is this Virtual Doctor Program the Future or Just a Phase?

The world is moving toward a virtual world. Check-Out clerks are being replaced by machines, computer programs are being created to replace lawyers, and drivers will soon no-longer have to touch a steering wheel to get from the East to West Coast.

But can we trust the virtual world to give us the health care we need?

Virtual Doctor programs have been on the rise for the last decade. But what are these really, and can they replace our traditional system we have now?

Let’s start with defining what a virtual doctor really is:

  • Most Virtual Doctor programs use a network of actual, real, board-certified doctors.
  • Users can log in to their account on their smart phone and computer.
  • Users can Call, Text, Email, or Video Chat with any doctor in the network 24/7.
  • Virtual Doctors can diagnose, treat, and send medicine to pharmacies, just like any other doctor in any brick-and-mortar office.
  • There is usually a monthly fee, but no copays or deductibles.
  • Some controlled-substance medications cannot be offered due to health and safety concerns.
  • This type of service is basically having a real doctor on-call, any day and any time, ready to speak over the phone.

Some services offer consultations with specialists, therapists, pediatricians, and more.

With rising healthcare costs, these Virtual Doctors services are looking to bring affordable and reliable health care to every single American.

InstaDoc+ Virtual Doctor is one of the industry leaders today, and uses an elite network of medical advisors, and offers unlimited consultations and visits with any one of their doctors or specialists. For just a low monthly fee of $19.99, users have their own unique medical portal with all of their medical information so any doctor can see their medical history.

These services are all private and secured, available in any state so you can even access your doctors while traveling and get the medicine you need sent to the closest pharmacy. Users don’t need insurance to access services like InstaDoc, as it’s available to everyone at the same low price.

With the world clearly trending into a more virtual and convenient experience, services like InstaDoc are becoming the preferred method of health care.

You can visit to see if something like this is right for you and your family.

If you’ve tried a service like this in the past, or you’re currently a Virtual Doctor member, you can leave us your thoughts below!

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