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Exercising in Ketosis: How to Determine Which Workouts are Right For You

So you took the first step and committed to the ketone diet. You started counting your calories, you started rationing your carbs and loading up on fats and proteins. You might have even past that dreaded “Keto Flu” stage and your body might already be in Ketosis.

Now you’re ready to take the next step and start focusing on your physical activity. I know that can seem daunting; sometimes the hardest part is just knowing where to start, but we’re here to help you understand what types of exercise you should be focused on, and why.

First, if we’re going to figure out which activities will help you reach your goals, you should have a firm understanding of what your goals are.

It is crucial to identify what you’re looking to accomplish with plan:

  • Are you exclusively interested in losing weight?
  • Do you want to tone your muscles while you get rid of body fat?
  • Are you looking to get shredded, maintain, or even increase lean muscle mass?
  • Or are you just looking for a healthy balance of diet and exercise?

Well the good news is, each of these options is entirely possible on the Keto Diet, but they all require a different approach.

Losing Weight Fast

If this is your goal then you want to focus on low-intensity and long-duration exercises like jogging, speed-walking, bicycling, or swimming.

The reason you want to focus on this type of exercise is simple; these long-duration activities primarily use fat as an energy source during the workout. While high-Intensity interval training is normally a great way to burn calories, it requires a much higher carb intake than what we can take in.

If you’re serious about burning tons of calories though, rest assured: in a recent study on keto-adapted athletes it was reported that runners on a low-carb diet burned 2.3 times the amount of fat as those on a high-carb diet during a long-duration run. So it seems that once your body is in ketosis, these low-intensity exercises are exactly what your body craves!

The problem is, sometimes these exercises can get boring and tiresome. The trick is to find activities that you love to do. Maybe that means taking up yoga, or buying a bike to ride around the city, or even joining a local softball team. Find something you have fun doing, and exercising will become far more rewarding.

Toning or Bulking Up

The Ketogenic Diet is considered a muscle-sparing diet, which means it’s completely possible to maintain your muscle mass or even increase lean muscle mass while you’re dropping body fat.

Maintaining or building muscle requires some high-intensity workouts like weight lifting or HIIT training. As mentioned earlier, these types of workouts typically feed on carbs for energy – something Keto Dieters should be lacking.

However, if you’re smart about your food intake there’s one easy trick to make these high-intensity workouts more bearable:

Instead of spacing out your 20-50g of carbs per day, you can bulk 90-100% of your allowed amount 30-90 minutes before your high-intensity workout. This gives your body time to digest the food, and lets it use those carbs for energy during those heavier, more intense workouts.

(Just keep in mind: this sudden bulking of carbs may spike your insulin levels and cause cravings later on.)

A Healthy Balance

If you started the Ketogenic Diet as a way to spark a lifestyle change, and you simply want to focus on living a healthier life, then there is one easy thing you can do to make exercising a more appealing:

Change the way you think about at exercising.

What I mean by that:

Exercising doesn’t have to be about burning 600 calories in an hour, and it doesn’t need to leave you exhausted, and panting on the floor. Exercising is in our most primal nature. It gives us a certain euphoric feeling, and it can even help boost our serotonin levels, improving our mood and boosting our energy.

Just like your body takes time to get used to burning fat instead of carbs, your body needs time to get used to a new exercise routine.

By looking at exercise as a way to improve our energy and happiness, and throwing out the outdated idea that exercise is only for crash dieting, we can start to rewire our brains and bodies into craving more physical activity.

The truth is…

…whatever your diet and wellness goals might be, they are most likely possible through the Keto Diet. It just takes some tweaking and experimentation to get you on the right track, and the more you work on it, the easier it gets.

Our team is here to help you every step of the way.

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have or tell us your favorite Keto-Friendly workouts in the comment section below!

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