I Wish I’d Known About This Before My Digestive Problems Sent Me to the ER

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It’s an embarrassing problem that many people refuse to talk about – which is why Richard Campbell kept it to himself when he began suffering from frequent and painful constipation.

That is, until the day came when he couldn’t keep it to himself any longer.

“I actually ended up in the emergency room,” Campbell said. “I had some of the most intense stomach pain I’d ever experienced in my life. I was terrified that my appendix had burst.”

The doctor’s actual diagnosis, cramps caused by severe constipation, came as a relief – and a wakeup call.

“I knew I’d been having trouble going to the bathroom, but I didn’t think it was anything serious,” he said. “I certainly never thought it could send me to the ER.”

Richard’s symptoms – bloating, gassiness, indigestion – had been getting steadily worse for months, but he chalked it up to simply getting older.  “I figured it was something everyone had to deal with,” he says. “I didn’t realize that there was something wrong – or that taking steps to fix it could be so simple.”

The doctor suggested improving his diet and adding moderate exercise to his routine, but his biggest recommendation was something Richard had never heard of, much less tried.

“He said that the most important thing was to keep a healthy balance of good bacteria in my bowels,” Campbell said. “This was the first time I’d heard that there was such a thing as good bacteria. And here I’d been trying to kill bacteria my whole life!”

That night, Campbell learned what the medical community is still barely beginning to understand – that the balance of bacteria in your gut can have a dramatic impact on your overall health. If you have a healthy balance, you’re more likely to stay regular, digest your food better, and even lose weight.

If your balance gets out of whack, however…well, just ask Richard what can happen.

“I never want to go through that again. The pain and the fear – it was awful,” he said. “I thought it would be the type of thing that takes years to correct, so I was very pleasantly surprised when he told me how much a probiotic could help.”

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that can help repopulate your gut, ensuring that everything inside runs smoothly. They’re found in many foods, like yogurt and sauerkraut, but for maximum effectiveness, many doctors recommend bolstering your diet with a probiotic supplement.

“I thought I’d have to be eating yogurt every meal for the rest of my life,” he laughs. “But the doctor explained that the best way to get the bacteria you need is to take a supplement. Those things have literally billions of good bacteria in them.”

Indeed, probiotics are measured by the number of colony-forming units (CFUs) they have, and Richard’s doctor recommended finding one that contained at least 10 billion CFUs. He also stressed the importance of finding one that doesn’t require refrigeration, as that can mean that the bacteria inside are too fragile to survive once they hit your stomach.

“I was happy he told me what to look for, but man, that really limited my choices, you know?” he said. “Most of the products I looked at either didn’t have enough CFUs, or you had to keep them refrigerated, and there’s no point in taking a probiotic if the bacteria inside might not be any good.”

After spending hours on the internet and in health food stores, looking at dozens of different options, Richard finally found one that met his criteria: <Bowltrol.>

 Bowltrol had 10 billion CFUs in each serving, and was stable at room temperature. Of course, while the label was impressive, the real test was how Richard would feel while taking it.

“I felt better in just a couple of days,” Richard says. “It was amazing. I can’t believe I suffered for so long, when getting help ended up being so quick and easy.”

Richard also credits a new exercise routine and balanced diet for the changes, but says Bowltrol has made him a believer for life. “I’m trying to live healthier in general,” he says. “But being healthy takes time and discipline. The probiotic helps keep me motivated, and if I slip up on my diet, it helps ensure that I’ll still stay regular.

“It’s just refreshing to know that I don’t have to suffer if I want to treat myself every now and then,” he added.

Beyond feeling better, Richard’s seen other benefits as well. “I’ve lost a few pounds,” he says proudly. “It’s amazing what a difference it makes when your body actually absorbs nutrition from the foods that you eat.”

If, like Richard, you’ve suffered from constipation, diarrhea, or other gastrointestinal problems and want to see if a probiotic can help you, you can <link>learn more about Bowltrol here.<link>

 “I definitely recommend checking it out,” Richard says. “Don’t wait like I did. There’s no reason to suffer when it’s so easy to get relief.”

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