3 Summer Party Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Any Occasion

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Whether you’re on your way to a ritzy gala or simply soaking up the sun’s rays at a cozy and intimate backyard bash, the perfect hairstyle can complete your beauty look. While messy beach waves may be appropriate for the daytime, the after hours are the perfect opportunity to switch up your everyday strands. We’ve rounded up a few party-ready hairstyles that are suitable for the summertime vibes in the air.

Photo: smodrchanicezvlasu on Instagram 

Create an easy loose updo: Leave the perfectly scrunched locks and stiff hairsprayed curls for the colder months of the year, and turn to a loosely scrunched updo for summer occasions. Texturize your locks with your fingers, and carefully roll your tresses into a loose, low bun. For a finishing touch, accessorize your upswept locks with a bejewelled, embellished hair clip.

Photo: missysueblog on Instagram 

Get creative with braiding: The side braid may be a staple hairdo, but it can easily be transformed into a chic statement once the sun goes down. Start off with a head of sleek waves, and then pull your locks into a half ponytail. Next, create a half-up fishtail braid (as spotted in this look) for a simple yet sophisticated style.

Photo: luxyhair on Instagram 

Integrate flowers into your plait: For a romantic and summery feel, plait your hair back into an easy low braid at the nape of your neck. Leave a few strands loose around your face, and then knot your braid with a clear elastic band. For an accessorizing touch, adorn each segment of the plait with bunches of tiny white real (or faux) blossoms.