Pink Hair Gets An Update With Salmon Tones

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Photo: mermaid.water on Instagram 

Although bright pink hair has been leading the curve for a couple of seasons, salmon tones are quickly making a splash and leaving their mark as well. If you’re tired of pastel tones and cotton candy highlights, look no further than the trend of salmon-tinted hair. On Instagram, beauty addicts are increasingly switching up their regular blonde and brunette locks for this deep peachy pink colour.

Photo: ziggy_pop_hair on Instagram 

Meanwhile, salmon-tinted ends are also lighting up darker strands, for an ombre effect which can easily illuminate a head of brunette tresses. For the beauty lover who isn’t quite ready to commit to all-over salmon locks, this take on the trend can easily brighten part of your hair. If you prefer golden highlights, try integrating rose gold or caramel blonde streaks into your locks as well.

Photo: nothing_but_hair16 on Instagram 

Whether you choose to wear your tresses loose and long or wavy and styled, salmon hair can easily revive your trademark hairstyle. With red tones and rosy tints adding a refreshing touch, this new hair trend just may be one to experiment with now.