Hot Beauty Trend- Two-Toned Lipstick Steals The Spotlight

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Photo: imikriollandeza on Instagram 

Whether your signature colour is bold pink or deep red, there’s nothing quite like two-toned lipstick to instantly revive your puckered pout. As a new spin on bright summertime makeup, ombre lips are officially making a splash in the world of Instagram. In fact, makeup lovers can look forward to adorning their faces with two-toned lip colours as a change from the classic solid lip.

Photo: maria_beautybook on Instagram 

For a bold and bright take on Summer 2017 beauty, try outlining your top lip with crimson lipstick and highlighting your lower lip with a vivid violet hue. The look of liquid liner and flawless skin allows a funky lip colour statement to truly shine, and stand out in the crowd.

Photo: agapebridalboutique on Instagram 

If you’re more of a minimalist, try sticking to shades in the same colour family. A punchy pink and soft coral can instantly brighten your complexion, whether your skin tone is porcelain or rich ebony. Meanwhile, a darker pink contrasted against a light purple can also enhance your beauty look of the day. However you decide to wear the trend, it’s clear that two-toned lipstick is here to stay. From subtle shades at the office to high contrast colours in the evening; it seems that ombre lips will be making waves for some time to come.