New Nail Trend Brings Technology And Beauty Together

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Photo: missmerissam on Instagram 

For those tech-savvy beauty lovers who are constantly on their smartphones, emojis have quite literally become a familiar face at this point. As a simplistic way to convey emotions digitally, emojis (also known as emoticons) are far more than just whimsical smiley faces. If you want to quite literally keep technology at your fingertips, you may want to consider the new manicure trend of emoji nails.

Photo: ciiciichan on Instagram 

Nail addicts are quickly showing off their emoji inspiration on Instagram, with cutesy cartoon emojis emblazoned over bright yellow nail polish. From lovestruck smiling faces to playful tongues sticking out, emoticons inspired manicures appear to be a rising trend. If you’re looking to master the trend yourself, start by polishing your fingertips with a bright buttery yellow nail colour. Next, try using nail art stickers or pens to polish off your decorative manicure.

Photo: bitty_inspirations on Instagram

From longer talons to short and square tips, emoji nails can easily be either sexy and chic or versatile and casual. Just remember to place the emphasis on creating detailed emoticon faces, whether your current mood is party-ready, mellow or content. With summertime’s colour palette already pointing toward brilliant yellows, emoji inspired manicures are certainly right on trend.