Easy Beach-Proof Hairstyles

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Whether you’re escaping to the beach for a weekend or simply enjoying an afternoon picnic, there’s nothing like the perfect beach-proof and manageable hairstyle to get you through the day. Although long, flowing beach waves can look absolutely stunning, a voluminous mane is perhaps better suited to a photo shoot than a day of sun and sea. Instead, try gravitating toward loose braids and wavy ponytails for hair which can take you from the shore to the bonfire party. We’ve curated a few effortless and summer-ready hairstyles to experiment with this season.

Photo: imccleod on Instagram 

Turn to a textured wrapped ponytail: If you have naturally long or difficult to maintain locks, the ponytail just might be your solution for the scorching temperatures of summer. Try using a curling iron to create subtle waves and holding your styled locks in place with hairspray. Meanwhile, wrapping strands of hair around the base of your ponytail can create a surprisingly chic effect for a day of beach volleyball and chilled cocktails.

Photo: seewantshop on Instagram 

Create a braided half-up hairstyle: A messy half-up and half-down hairstyle can allow you to showcase your long locks, without the trouble of unnecessary or unwanted frizz. To master the look, pull half of your hair back into a ponytail and then create a loosely plaited braid. For a finishing touch, sea salt spray can bring natural-looking texture to a head of straight strands.

Photo: xellycvk on Instagram 

Weave your tresses into a single long braid: For a more sophisticated take on beach hair, look no further than the season’s trending high braid. Pull your strands back into a high ponytail and then weave your locks into a long, sleek plait. Leave volume at the top, but allow your braided locks to taper off into a skinny braid.