Learn to say No: How it is beneficial

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By Dr. Mehak AroraPsychology

Have you ever been in a state where the very simple two-lettered word “No” from you might bring the world of your loved ones come crumbling down? Have you ever been dubbed as being discourteous on voicing that one “no” straight-away?

Well, being extremely gracious on your part in expressing your “yes” is fine as long as it doesn’t get in your way of happiness and self-esteem.

Here is why being straight-forward and ‘calling a spade a spade’ is actually a blessing in disguise and really helps in the long run.

a) Uttering a “no” is indeed the easiest way in pushing away situations and people you don’t want to associate with, at an arm’s length. Remember, your time is precious enough not to be exhausted on something that does not fill your priority list.

b) Though a “No” bereft of a clarification can at times prove to be a real test of will-power, it can amplify your morale, self -confidence and make you realize that you are not really account table to any and everybody for your actions, barring your family and close ones, of course.

c) If you are consenting to everything that is thrown your way, even when you are actually unenthusiastic about them, you will be making yourself a less respected human being in the society, not to forget the animosity that can accompany your all pleasing attitude. This might get you friends in the short run, but surely not the right ones. Learn to say ‘No’, do and commit to things which you are absolutely sure and aware of.

d) A firm “No” implies standing your ground and not getting lured by the sugar coated words that people often use to take you on their side.

e) Every time you are shutting out on a few doors with your “No”, you are indeed opening up vistas of opportunity in front of yourself; both professional and otherwise.

f) Turning down a proposal in a professional yet humane way is a skill worth honing and in a world where you are supposed to ceaselessly answer to people’s beck and calls, your one “No” lets you be who you really are.