The Secret To Loosing Fats From Hips

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There are some parts of body which gain fats very easily and shedding of these fats is the hardest job. In women other then tummy the hip area which gives the whole body a pear shape appearance is seen mostly. The deposition of fats is seen at hips in majority of us. To reduce the fats at the lower portion of the body requires a continuous struggle with healthy eating habits. But only one method is not enough for shedding the pounds at the hip area.

Following is the best combination and easiest way of loosing fats from the hip area


The first step is to cut off the calories from your diet. It has been suggested that if the intake of 500 to 1000 calories has been reduced it will shed 1 to 2 pounds. It will reduce the weight from the whole body.


It includes all fresh fruits and vegetables which are low in calories and rich in fibers. Lean meat and grains also do the same function.


The exercises with healthy eating are the best way to reduce and burn the fats from the bopdy.For quicker results the time given for exercise is the key for shedding fats. It has been found that 60 to 90 minutes exercise five days in a week give magical results. Different exercises are selected according to your on choice. Running, walking, jogging, cycling, jumping, and dance aerobic all are physical activities which perform well in reducing the fats from the body. You can alternate two or more physical activities for better results.


For speedy fats burning process the sprints can be done in which the speed is more then run out and in the beginning 50 yards are covered and afterward 100 yards are covered .
Walking, seat abduction, trampoline exercise, squats and cardio are the best ways of reducing fats from the inner thighs and hips.


For creating your muscles flexible and avoid any pull yoga is essential. It makes your body more energizer and prevents the tiring of the body. Different yoga asans make the body flexible and when joined with walking or aerobics the best results are achieved.
The pose of playful child by lying down on yoga mat is the good aasan for loosing weight from hips and thighs.