Botox: How Does Botox Work?

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By Dr. Archhana Gullur, Dermatology

BOTOX provides a quick and effective remedy for the facial lines and wrinkles that age, stress, worry, and environmental factors can produce, even on a younger person’s face. A BOTOX injection skin treatment smoothes frown lines on the forehead, between the eyes, and at the base of the nose.

With BOTOX, derived from Botulinum Toxin, “crow’s feet” wrinkles at the corners of the eyes fade or disappear for a more youthful and vital facial appearance.

What Is BOTOX?

BOTOX is an injectable agent used to temporarily diminish or eliminate lines and wrinkles on the face by relaxing underlying facial muscles.

BOTOX contains a highly diluted form of the toxin and has been proven safe.

How To Know If You Are A Candidate For Botox?

The FDA has approved Botox for people aged 18 to 65. So, if you are getting dynamic wrinkles, then you may consider the BOTOX treatment. BOTOX will help soften the wrinkles which will appear on your skin. But you shouldn’t use it if you:

  1. Are allergic to any ingredients in BOTOX or BOTOX.
  2. Are allergic to another botulinum toxin brand (such as Myobloc, Xeomin or Dysport) or had any side effect from these products in the past.
  3. Have a skin infection or other condition in the injection area.
  4. Have breathing problems, such as asthma.
  5. Have difficulty swallowing.
  6. Have bleeding issues.
  7. Plan to undergo surgery.
  8. Have had facial surgery.
  9. Have weakness in your forehead muscles.
  10. Have drooping eyelids.

BOTOX should be avoided if you are planning or trying to conceive a child, are pregnant, are planning to breastfeed or are currently breastfeeding. It’s better to be safe, and you can always have BOTOX later on.


BOTOX is most effective on the dynamic wrinkles which appear on your skin due to movement. For e.g., the movement caused due to smiling causes lines to form on your face. These lines are dynamic wrinkles.

  1. A Non-Surgical Solution to Lines and Wrinkles – Many men and women can experience a flawless complexion without the need for surgical enhancement. BOTOX is minimally invasive and can help with wrinkles in the forehead, neck and around the mouth.
  2. Proven to Lift the Brow – Over time your brow may drop or lower. With BOTOX treatments you can lift the brow making your face look less tired, giving you a more youthful appearance.
  3. Decreases Excessive Sweating – For many men and women, excess sweating under the arms, forehead, palms, and feet is an embarrassing problem that must be dealt with on a day to day basis. A simple BOTOX treatment can lessen the amount of sweat produced to minimize this often embarrassing problem.
  4. Reduce Migraines – Some clients say that after their BOTOX treatments they are surprised to find that they have fewer to no migraine headaches. This could be beneficial to those who suffer from chronic headaches.
  5. When combined with Juvederm, BOTOX can give your whole face a more youthful look- Many of our patients choose to combine Juvederm injections with BOTOX injections to achieve a smoother, tighter look across their face. While BOTOX helps soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles between the brows, Juvederm has the same effect on the creases around your mouth.
  6. BOTOX is clinically proven to be safe and effective- BOTOX was first used in other treatments—for instance, treating excessive sweating and overactive bladders—a few decades ago. Over the years, it has been aggressively studied and tested—becoming clinically proven to be safe and effective for cosmetic use in 2002. Over the past two decades, BOTOX has been widely used among men and women across the country.
  7. It is used to achieve Slim jawline and smoothen neck lines.

Side Effects:

Although BOTOX can be really helpful to you for various different reasons, it does have its own share of side effects. Some of the side effects of Botox are listed below:

  1. After being injected with a dose of BOTOX, you might get headaches for some time.
  2. You might get a bruise at the point of injecting the BOTOX, along with pain.
  3. Very rarely , transient weakness of eyelids and eyebrow muscles can occur which goes away in few days.

However, all the side effects of BOTOX are transient and minor…

Consult your doctor well in advance if you are planning to undergo the BOTOX treatment. Make sure you tell him everything about your medical history and if you are taking any pills or medications to avoid any unwanted results.