Summer’s New Nail Trend Is The Moss Green Manicure

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Photo: esnail_japan on Instagram 

With its infusion of pastels and breathtaking soft shades, it’s easy enough to associate summertime with the ubiquitous peach or candy pink manicure. Watercolour manicures aside, there’s clearly a new nail trend that’s in town for the season ahead. The moss green mani is making a splash for Summer 2017, with its understated shades of khaki green. If you’re not a fan of Pantone Universe’s vibrant Greenery shade, moss-toned tips may be a more subtle take on 2017’s verdant beauty trend.

If you’re wondering how to accessorize your nails without overdoing this trend, try alternating glossy moss nails with darker emerald polish. For a glamorous take on the manicure, accent every other fingernail with glimmering gold nail decals.

Photo: celestemariewelch on Instagram 

For those who prefer simplicity, shimmering moss green talons can easily complete your beauty statement. Turn to pointed almond nails and glittery top coat, and allow your fingertips to truly capture the spotlight. Even without distracting nail art, the look of these simple yet chic nails can easily seize attention.

Photo: breashabomb on Instagram 

Meanwhile, funky patterns such as tiny florals and miniature metallic studs can bring your moss-painted mani to life. Pairing this low key shade of green with light gold polish and pale green can create a vivid look. Whether you’re feeling tropical vibes or simply tired of girlish pinks and reds, there’s no denying the casual and carefree allure of the moss green manicure.