Laser Hair Removal – What You Can Expect!

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By Dr. Archhana Gullur, Dermatology

Are you struggling with removing your unwanted hair? Then you are not the only one who is. Because there are several people around the world who have tried various ineffective hair removal techniques in the struggle to maintain a hairless body. But why waste time behind measures that will prove to be futile. So, if you are in the league of those who have become tired of waxing and other ineffective ways, then laser hair removal is something you can opt for. In the Unites States of America, laser hair removal is very common. Highly concentrated light beams are projected towards the hair follicles which absorb the light and get destroyed.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal–

Laser hair removal process is used to remove hairs from any desirable portion of the body whether it is the underarm, legs, arms or any other portion. The main benefits of this process are.

  1. With the laser removal process, only the areas which have hair will be targeted and the surrounding area will be unharmed. Thus, only the purpose will be served.
  2. The process is very quick. With each pulse, only a fraction of second is required by each hair so many hairs can be treated at a single time. Small portions of skin like above the upper lip or hair on fingers can be treated within a minute and larger areas like the back or portions of legs may sometimes require an hour.
  3. Based on a type of skin and hair and underlying hormonal status, on an average, 6-8 sessions are required to achieve permanent hair reduction. Maintenance sessions may be adviced in some individuals.

Are you ready for laser hair removal?

One should not wax or pluck or bleach the hair for 2-4 weeks before laser sessions depending on their growth rate. The reason behind this is that the hair shaft should be at skin surface to assess the type of hair and distribution, and also importantly the shaft should be at least at a level of skin so that it forms a channel for laser energy to reach the hair root and destroy it.

What happens during the treatment?

If you are curious about what happens during the removal process then you must know certain things. Firstly, the laser equipment is arranged according to the person’s skin specifications. Depending on the source of the laser, you will be given protection for your eye. Then the laser would be applied to your skin and after completion, you may be given some ice to apply to the area which was operated.

Are there any side-effects?

With latest advances in technology, under the supervision of a qualified and experienced dermatologist, side effects are very rare. There may in temporary redness or scabbing in sensitive areas which heal in 3-4 days. Post laser instructions are provided in the clinics and the patients should adhere to them for best and safe laser hair reduction experience.