Rose Quartz Nails Rule As Spring’s Cool New Manicure

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Photo: thenailgoals on Instagram 

While all manner of gemstones manicures typically make a splash during the holiday season, the spring months are best known for their pastel tones. From pale lavender to soft sky blue, there’s no shortage of colourful nail art ideas for the warm and sunny season. For Spring 2017, rose quartz nails are the perfect compromise between pastels and jewel tones. If you can’t decide whether to sport a bling-worthy nail polish hue or stick to springtime shades, the rose quartz mani just may be your answer.

Photo: emmalouisecalgel on Instagram 

Some daring beauty lovers are embracing the look with long, pointed fingernails and a marble effect which instantly evokes the idea of a stone. Meanwhile, less dramatic takes on the trend feature barely there nude tones of pink and a French manicure effect. Sometimes accented with silver nail decals or faux jewels, the rose quartz nail can be anything from understated and casual to high end and luxurious.

Photo: sofiamaria94 on Instagram 

If you prefer more solid tones, rose quartz shades can also involve brighter, punchy shades of pink. Try a slightly more opaque pink with slight white marble detail, in order to elevate your everyday manicure. Whether you’re an adventurous nail addict or a beauty girl looking for a new signature mani, rose quartz talons may be worth experimenting with this season.