When To Go For Knee Replacement Surgery?

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By Dr. Akram Jawed, Orthopaedics

The knee is one of the most important parts of the body. Unfortunately for many, especially over the age of fifty, the knee starts functioning weakly. It might seem like a gigantic task to even climb one stair. For those people, it is recommended to take professional help from the medical practitioners or sometimes advised to go for a knee replacement procedure. However, like every doctor, orthopaedics also try to see the degree of knee damage and its associated symptoms before finally recommending surgery in the last stage.

There are certain times when there is no option in front of the doctor and the patient but to opt for a knee replacement. Here are frequent occasions when surgery is implemented.

  1. Knee becomes stiff: With age, the knees become stiffer and stiffer. At times, after sitting for a long time or standing for a long time the knee loses sensation altogether. This might happen at any time of the day and anywhere. In fact, it can so happen that while walking on the road, you get a stiff knee or a cramp. In such cases, you are frozen and lose your ability to walk for a few minutes. Such signs should not be ignored and must be acted upon immediately. This symptom is manifested in those in their early fifties onwards.
  2. You experience terrible pain: You would understand that your knees have slowly given up when you experience terrible pain most of the time. It takes a lot of strength to move the knee even an inch. Pains are mostly experienced while trying to get up after sitting for a long time or trying to sit after standing for a long time. One also loses his or her ability to walk to a greater distance as it causes sharp pains while trying to put one foot forward with the help of the knee.
  3. Simplest tasks seem like mammoth ones: The knee helps us in performing simple tasks like standing, sitting, walking, jogging, running, stretching the leg muscles etc. But these tasks are no longer possible for someone suffering from chronic knee pain. It seems like a huge task to just take a few steps in your own room. At such a point of time, it is best to opt for a knee replacement surgery.

Knee replacement surgeries have become advanced in the medical world of late. It does take some time for the patient to recover and complete rest is advised during the healing period. However, it is a common surgery and many live happier and healthy lives with replaced knees.