Managing Hair Loss Through Transplant

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By Dr. Priyanka Aher, Trichology

Hair loss is something, which is tough for both men and women around the world to accept. In fact, it is often seen as a sign of the loss of vitality and youth. So, it is not surprising that a lot of people find it very hard to deal with. It is really no wonder, when a person does not have to put up with hair loss, why should he or she have to do so? Hair transplantation is something that can really work wonders and go a long way, as a result, in changing the way people think about themselves; greatly boosting their self-image. There are multiple methods, which can be followed but it must be said that the one which is an ideal one can only be decided by a person in consultation with his or her doctor.

There may be some constraints or limitations when it comes to certain forms of transplants on account of a person’s potential allergic reaction to some forms of post-operative medication.

Reasons for hair loss: There can be a large number of reasons which result in the loss of hair. That being said, it is to be kept in mind that in most cases the hair that is lost by a person is on account of his or her genetics. There is not much he or she can do about it, apart from getting a hair transplant, of course!

Money matters: The amount that is spent on the procedure, which is between four and ten thousand pounds in the United Kingdom but varies from place to place does do a lot for a person’s appearance and is justified by the benefits which are received.

Treatment options: Scalp reduction is one of the most common methods used, in order to deal with the loss of hair in a person. This basically works to reduce the area around the skull and show that a greater portion of a person’s head is covered by hair. For a few months, there may be a case of scalp tightness.

While the amount of hair a person has may increase on account of making the good choice of undergoing a hair transplant, it can be said that just by doing so he or she has not absolved himself or herself of responsibility when it comes to the maintenance of his or her hair. The procedure has given the person more hair, which should be a source of pride for him or her to take care of!