Primp For Prom With These Pretty Manicures

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For aspiring prom queens who have already selected the dress of their dreams and started thinking of a makeup look, one major beauty decision remains. The manicure for the evening can easily flatter the tones of your dress, and bring your entire outfit of the night to life. Just in time for prom season, Real Style has rounded up a few striking nail art ideas to leave you looking like the belle of the ball.

Photo: zoyanailpolish on Instagram 

Luscious lavender tips: If you want to match your nails to your dress or perhaps choose a contrasting pastel for a statement, look no further than lavender. Try painting your fingertips with a luxurious pale purple polish. The addition of shimmer can transport an otherwise solid pastel mani to entirely new levels. Meanwhile, short and square nails convey a certain simplicity which remains timeless for the season of spring formals.

Photo: cndworld on Instagram 

Pastel blue and pink shades: On the contrary, cotton candy shades of soft pink and blue are a flirty, youthful take on springtime’s pastels. Although it may have once looked overwhelming or tacky to pair these two nail polish colours, blue paired with pink is now entirely trendy. Longer almond nails are a perfect way to showcase these two striking shades, while a hint of nail jewellery polishes you off.

Photo: nailsalonjewel on Instagram 

Milky colours with gold accents: You may be donning a glittering frock for the evening, or perhaps you want to brighten a sophisticated solid gown. Either way, soft milky shades of translucent pastels are a go-to look for prom night. For a finishing touch, decorate your fingertips with tiny beads and metallic nail decals. If you like to sparkle and seize the spotlight, golden touches can illuminate a demure and understated spring manicure.