Beauty Review: Zorah Biocosmétiques Nyxe High Efficiency Cream Mask

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Photo: Zorah Biocosmétiques 

What It Is: Nyxe is Zorah Biocosmétiques’ signature product. It is a high efficiency cream mask that promises to plump, sculpt and revitalize skin. With ingredients like Argan oil and ghassoul – a mineral clay – the mask claims to deeply penetrate the skin to clean, nourish and stabilize sebaceous (fatty or oily) glands. It claims to be suitable for skin types and also claims to target concerns such as acne and eczema.

What We Thought: Depending on your skin type, there are two different ways to use the mask. As we are looking to moisturize and soothe our skin following a long winter and cold early spring, we opted for the Normal to Dry Skin option. The instructions say to apply a generous amount onto clean skin and gently massage it in. After massaging it in, we let the mask sit for approximately 15 minutes. We noticed a tingly but bearable feeling as the mask sat on our skin. Unlike many other face masks, Nyxe is not a drying mask. It retained moisture as it was absorbed into our skin. This made it easy to remove with a damp washcloth after the 15 minutes, and we were pleased to see how hydrated and smooth our skin was after the mask.

Pros: The mask was very easy to work into our nightly skin routine. It was easy to apply and only needs to be left on the skin for 10-15 minutes for best results. Luckily, it also left us with instantly hydrated and smooth skin.

Cons: The tingling sensation was alarming at first, since we were unaware that we may experience this. Also, those with sensitive skin types may want to be careful before trying the product.