Painted Cuticles Are The Newest Twist On The Colourful Spring Manicure

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Photo: unistella_by_ek_lab on Instagram 

While cuticle art first starting making a bold impression last year, it seems that painted cuticles are becoming increasingly popular. For Spring 2017, colourful cuticles promise to elevate the season’s manicure trends. From bold slashes of rainbow polish to metallic hints, cuticles are no longer plain and unadorned. In fact, the cuticle just may transform your regular mani into a stylish statement.

Polished cuticles have been making a splash with a different shade of polish on every fingertip. From punchy yellow to scarlet, painted cuticles can bring an eye-catching effect to your manicure. Meanwhile, pastel shades of lavender and green can illuminate your cuticles, and even contrast against clear polished nails.

Photo: makeupmavericks on Instagram 

If you prefer a party-ready statement, try accessorizing your cuticles with metallic polish. This standout look can easily contrast against crimson nails, for a striking effect and a change from pastel shades. Meanwhile, gold-painted cuticles are a creative and funky approach to the trend, which will allow your fingers to truly shine.

Photo: unistella_by_ek_lab on Instagram 

Are you ready to rock painted cuticles this Spring 2017? While this trend may look unusual to many nail addicts, there are a few adventurous souls who may want to steal the look. From glittering golds to preppy pinks, the painted cuticle is a trend to embrace if you’re bored of the conventional manicure.