Keep Up With Your Fitness Goals With These Easy Tips

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If you made a fitness goal at the beginning of 2017, you might be finding this is the point of the year your momentum is slowing down. It can be easy to lose sight of your goals, but there are a few things you can do to keep you motivated. From finding a new fitness class which you absolutely love to bringing a friend along to the gym, we’ve curated a few easy ways to keep up with your exercise goals this spring. 

Find a workout you enjoy: While many of us signed up for gym memberships, we may find ourselves losing energy and motivation a few months down the line. Having a gym membership may allow you access to treadmills and other workout equipment, but eventually this routine gets boring. If you’re not getting the results you want, look into what other types of workouts your gym offers. From a new fitness class to fast-paced dance workouts, you might find a new and more enjoyable routine to keep you focused. 

The buddy system: This tip is good for two reasons. Having a buddy to workout with can be more enjoyable and you can help each other out and try workouts that require two bodies. Whether it’s a friend, sibling or co-worker, they can hold you accountable and make you commit to your workout. You’re no longer committing to just yourself, but to someone else. It can also bring out some friendly competition and motivate you to work harder and eventually achieve your fitness goals, whatever that may be. When there is someone counting on you to work out, you may feel more inclined to hit the gym or fitness class.

Take break days: Don’t get caught up in having to go every day. When you start looking at working out as a chore rather than a healthy lifestyle choice, you may lose interest. Break days are important because you can let your body rest and recover. You don’t want to confuse exhaustion with loss of motivation. One of the biggest excuses many of us make when it comes to working out is having no time. Break days give you a chance to catch up on any other work and activities you need to do without feeling stressed.

Keep track of your progress: If you’re a visual person, you can chose to take photos of yourself to keep up with your progress, or simply keep a journal. You can list workouts, number of reps, amount of weights, whatever you think is the most appropriate way to measure your progress. Whether it’s how many pounds you’ve lost or dress sizes you’ve dropped, knowing you’ve made progress, no matter how small it might be, will encourage you to keep going. We are often more likely to continue doing something if we know there is a benefit or reward in the end.

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