Causes, Symptoms, Stages And Treatment of Breast Cancer

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By Dr. Sajjan RajpurohitOncology

Breast cancer is a medical condition that refers to the uncontrolled growth of cells in the breast. These cells can be like small tumors or lumps. The tumor can be malignant if it is found that the cells are growing into surrounding tissues or are spreading. It occurs mostly in women.

Breast cancers can originate from any part of the breast. Most of these cancerous growths start in the milk carrying ducts. There are also cancerous growths in the glands that produce milk. These are known as lobular cancers. In rare cases, cancer may also start from the breast tissues. These are known as sarcomas and lymphomas.

Symptoms of Breast cancer:

  1. Any sudden and unexplained change is noticed in the size or shape of the breast
  2. It is a matter to worry for if any dimpling is seen on the breast
  3. Any unnatural swelling or tenderness of the breast
  4. Any bloody or white discharge from the nipples
  5. Inverted nipples or unusual tenderness of the nipples

Stages of Breast Cancer:
The stages of breast cancer are usually referred to as numbers between 0 to 4. While the stage 0 refers to the non-invasive stage as the cancers don’t spread, stage 4 is the final stage. In stage 4, the cancer goes beyond therapeutic or medical control and is invasive in nature.

Treatment for Breast cancer: The treatment for breast cancer includes a combination of stage-wise and systematic therapies. The therapies can be chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and targeted therapies. Doctors often go for radiation therapy and surgery also for treating breast cancer.

Here are some of the ways to get prevented from the possibility of developing breast cancer:

1. Check your weight: It is important that you maintain a healthy weight. You don’t need do follow the hard and fast dieting charts or starve. But eat a balanced diet and exercise a bit to maintain a stable and healthy weight throughout. Being obese or overweight increases the chance of developing breast cancer.
2. Be active: A sedentary lifestyle devoid of activities is something that invites diseases. It has been found that women who are physically active and exercise for at least 30 minutes a day are at a low risk of developing breast cancer.
3. Don’t avoid fruits and vegetables: It is important for you to have a balanced diet. Include lots of leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet to avoid the possibility of developing any form of cancer. Don’t drink excessive alcohol on regular basis. Remember a healthy diet is the key to a healthy life.
4. Don’t smoke: Smoking increases the chance of developing heart diseases, stroke and 15 types of cancers. It also increases the risk for breast cancer.
5. Breastfeed your baby: It is mandatory for good health that you breastfeed your baby. Exclusive breastfeeding is best for the health of your baby as well as yours. It lowers the chances of developing breast cancer.
6. Avoid birth control pills: These pills have side-effects. They increase the risk of developing breast cancer. It also increases the chances of developing heart diseases and ovarian cancer.
7. Avoid post-menopausal hormones: Post-menopausal hormones have adverse effect on the health. They increase the risk of some diseases, while lowering the effects of other ones. It should be taken for shorter period and its prolonged use must be avoided.