Fitglow Founder Anna Domi Talks Eco Friendly Beauty For Spring 2017

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Photo: fitglowbeauty on Instagram 

As the founder of Canadian environmentally friendly beauty brand Fitglow, Anna Domi is passionate about creating products based on plant science. Domi, who suffered from sensitive skin and faced a struggle with rosacea, launched her own natural and cruelty free cosmetics line in hopes for a solution. At the recent Green Living Show in Toronto, we spoke to Domi about the benefits of plant-based products. From using antioxidants to cleanse your visage to her favourite skincare look for the warmer months, Domi chatted about eco beauty and much more.

Photo: fitglowbeauty on Instagram 

Real Style: What inspired you to launch your own green beauty brand?

Anna: Definitely a personal journey with sensitive skin, rosacea, and on top of that, aging and sun damage from being an athlete earlier on. I had a hard time, because a lot of the more conventional products would irritate my skin, and even some of the natural ones wouldn’t help me. For such a long time, I felt insecure about my skin, and wanted to do something that would make it better. Looking to plant science, I started to make products for myself to help my skin and help with the rosacea.

Real Style: Do you have any tips for nourishing your skin for Spring 2017?

Anna: Spring is all about exposing your skin again. We kind of wear fewer layers; we go out more, so there are two parts for caring for your skin. One is you want to make sure you are defending from free radical damage, a good antioxidant routine with Vitamin C, antioxidants that help with brightness and help resurface the skin properly. Also, a nice oil that will help nourish and bring your essential fatty acids back up, give a natural glow without a lot of makeup.

Real Style: Tell us about your favourite beauty products.

Anna: I love Fitglow’s Vita Youth Oil; the orchid oil is absolutely luxurious. A little goes a long way and gives you an absolutely elastic, beautiful smooth. I absolutely love our Beach Glow Luminizer. It makes you look like you just went on a really nice vacation, without having to leave town. Those are my two favourites.

Real Style: What are some innovations that you would like to see in the world of eco friendly beauty?

Anna: I don’t think we should be separated. Eco shouldn’t be the sideshow. It’s come such a long way, it’s not about hemp and smelling like patchouli and lavender anymore. It’s glamorous. There’s also a lot of plant science and innovation, and that’s what’s coming into eco beauty. You get the effectiveness you would get with conventional products, but you’re doing something good for yourself and the environment.

Real Style: Do you have any favourite Spring 2017 runway trends?

Anna: I love the beachy, glowing healthy look. Fitglow is doing luminizers, a rose gold luminizer, and they are absolutely my favourite. They are multi-tasking, and it’s not heavy glam. It’s that ultimate beachy relaxed look.

Real Style: Who are your beauty role models?

Anna: Marilyn Monroe. It’s all coming back, the nice eyebrows, the red lip, and the finished hair. I like Gabrielle Reece, the volleyball player. She’s absolutely beautiful, a natural beauty, and Cindy Crawford. Charlize Theron is also really beautiful.