Skin Whitening In Home

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Skin Whitening In HomeSkin whitening is the process of lightening the complexion of the skin. It is actually the process of reducing the melanin the skin pigment in the skin. The crystal clear white skin is always liked and desired by every one. But mostly in eastern part of the world, people want the white complexion. The benefit of white complexion is that it camouflages many flaws of the facial features. Due to this reason many of us always try to lighten the complexion.

Thousands of cosmetic products are available which works as skin whiteners. But the worth of home made skin whitening products is always remained greater as compared to the synthetic chemical products.

You can enjoy the skin whitening homemade products in more efficient and safer way if you use them at regular basis.

Some of the most popular skin whitening home products is as fellows


This is the cheapest and easily available product which you can find easily where you are. It is very effective in reducing the melanin from the skin. It is used in raw form. You just need to peel it off and crush it to make the paste. At night before going to bed cleanse your skin with some moderate cleanser and apply the paste of the potato at facial skin. Leave it for the whole night so that it gets absorbed in the skin. At morning wash the face with mild facial wash.


Lemon has marvelous abilities of skin bleaching. It is applied by extracting the juice from the fresh lemon and mixes it in milk. The sour milk is applied at the face for an hour. Afterward remove it with cotton balls and wash the face.


Cut the turnip in two pieces and make slices of it after peeling. Now boil it for two minutes. Then make a paste by smashing it. Apply this on face for fifteen minutes until it get dry. It will give the soothing effect to your skin as well as make it fresh. It will remove the dark complexion which is due to seasonal effects.


Carrots are rich of vitamins and effective when used internally as well as externally… make the pulp of carrots by boiling for few minutes. Then apply this pulp on the face and allow absorbing for half an hour. It will make your skin rosy white.


It is another great bleaching agent for skin. Make a paste of sandalwood, lemon extract and tomato juice .Apply the mixture for thirty minutes and make your skin glowing white after few applications.