Pedicure Nail Art Hot Trends

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Pedicure Nail Art Hot TrendsPedicure nail art is popular among young girls throughout the world. The innovative ideas make this beautiful feature more attractive and elegant. The trends change with each season, the long pointed nails are now not in fashion. These re replaced by natural short nails. Almond and oval shapes of the pedicure are at the peak of popularity.

With change in shape the color of nail polish is also changed with season. The bright colors are now given the place to dark and black shades. Grey, plum, brown and metallic shades with dim finish gained the popularity.

With the changing trends the French nail art is still in fashion. Different French nail art designs with beautiful combinations of different colors give the radiant look to the toe nails. White and black, burgundy and gold, white and red, red and golden are the widest range in combination.

The crescent moon design and stripes of contrasting colors are at the height of imagination.It is great fun time to do nail art at pedicure to make them prepare for the summer sandals. It is the perfect combo to get beautiful nail art for pedicure with elegant styles of sandals.

It takes no time to catch the attention by presenting the beautiful feet. It is the basic requirement of fashionists and beauty enthusiasts. With little attention you can easily get fabulous pedicure. With recreation and minor alteration of French pedicure you can achieve the unique pedicure which suits to your personality .and change your mood definitely.

Just sit and think the possibilities which make your toe nails more attractive and more unique among the crowd. It only requires the different shades of nail polishes and tests of your skills. Any mistake can be easily removed with bit of nail polish remover. Glittery nail polishes and nail accessories give you the opportunity to do more good to your pedicure style.

Monochrome nail polish and pigmented nail polish are the other options which can be experienced with more spice up look. White base with glam glittery nail polishes and rhinestones applied at the wet polish are easy ways to get the glamorous looks.
Color clashing nail art design using the prettiest pastels enhances the feminine looks.

Professional nail art brushes are used to create the graphic designs at the nails.
Beside these pretty polka dots, exotic lace designs, floral prints and colorful motifs have eye catching abilities when applied with skilful talents.
Preserve your gorgeous pedicure design with clear top coat that will seal the eye catching nail art for weeks.