Make Your Skin Glowing

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Our skin catches the vibrant look of our viewers in no time if it has glowing appearance. Much has to be done and many products have to be prepared for the skin care regimen. The flaw less radiant glowing skin is the dream of everyone. Inspite of gender and age all try to make their skin pleasant looking. Before going to different skin care product the essential thing is to make sure about your skin texture. Skin may be categorized in five main types.

  • Normal skin

  • Sensitive skin

  • Dry skin

  • Oily skin

  • Combination skin

There are different skin care products in skin care regimen for each type of the skin. Here are some of skin glowing remedies for different types of skin.


These are wonderful gift of the nature and easily available in your kitchen. Potatoes have magical effects on skin care due to its effective components. It cures

  1. Blemishes of the Skin
  2. Dark Spots on the Skin
  3. Freshen the sunburn skin
  4. Lighten the skin color
  5. Create glowness to the skin

It is used in raw form, the slices are placed at the skin or the extract is applied smoothly at the skin at night and allowed to absorb then washed at morning.


Banana act in following ways in skin care regimen:

  1. Act as skin polisher
  2. Tighten the open pores
  3. Effective in skin glowness
  4. Help to remove the wrinkles
  5. Nourishes the skin

It has rich source of potassium and vitamins which give extra nourishment to the skin. It is applied after mashing with fork and allowed to dry until it changes its color and turned to black. Wash the face with cold water.


It is effective either taken internally or applied externally. It recovers

  1. Skin spots
  2. Skin blemishes
  3. Helps in reducing the melanin skin pigment
  4. Gives glow to the skin
  5. Remove the dirt from pores.


It is also used after mashing and the paste is applied at the face. Washed after getting dry.


These are most effective skin glowing home remedy. It helps the skin
1. Give nourishment to the skin.
2. glowness to the skin
3. maintain the youthful ness of the skin due to the presence of vitamin E in almonds
The almond are soaked at night and peeled off. Then grind to make the paste. The paste is mixed with unboiled milk and applied at the face. It will shine to the skin after continuous a week application.