How To Select A Face Powder For Oily Skin

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OHow To Select A Face Powder For Oily Skinily skin requires the products which absorb the excessive oil and give smoother looks of the skin. Use of face powder that soaks the oils for all day long is the first requirement of make up in summer. Oily skin makes the make up fades fast .So keep your make up long lasting the selection of right type of face powder is basic need.
The following steps should be kept under observation while selecting the face powder for your face:


There are different skin textures which require differential treatments. First to find out which type of skin you have, either it is combination or sensitive. Each one has specific requirement of cosmetic products


Good face powder is that which matches your skin tone, it will be helpful in setting your make up and also make the skin smooth and even for further cosmetics applications. Select the color of your face powder by consulting your beautician.


Before purchasing the face powder watch care fully the instructions and components given at labels. For different skin types different components are used .Usually the face powder contains hydrated silica crystals for disappearing the skin pores and giving a glow to the skin. But some skins have allergy to silica crystals. Perform the patch test before making it component of your make up kit.

How to make you selection of face powder efficient

  • A perfect face powder when applied instantly reduces the pores at your skin and act as a second skin type. After application it gives the skin matte finish with glow and enhances the skin tone and complexion.
  • Apply the face powder after peeling your skin with mild facial scrubber.
  • Use the mild toner with cotton ball or facial sponge to give the natural look to the skin.
  • Apply moisturizer before using the face powder. The good face powder does not require the removal of sweat and oils fro the skin but it gives better results in the presence skin natural moisturizers.
  • Now dab the facial brush in face powder and then at the skin but for better spreading use fingers and spread it evenly at your skin.
  • Some face powder has body shimmer and bronze-rs with oil control ingredients. These also enhance the achievement of natural flawless skin.
    Select and use your face powder carefully to gain the radiant looks in summer.