Herbs Do Wonders In Hair Care

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Herbs Do Wonders In Hair Care Hair is the vital features in our beauty and in making our personality. All we wish to have dense growth of hair but hundreds of problems are seen in regarding this feature. Most of us are often worried about the thinning of hair, dandruff, hair loss, graying of hair. Sometimes we are anxious by taking the texture of the hair and sometimes the color of the hair. What ever the gender and what ever the age we have we have to do the continuous care regarding the hair. In our life span the baldness and thinning of the hair become more and more as we grow older.

The baldness may be due to internal as well as due to external factors. Deficiency of certain vitamins, essential components in the diet becomes the reason of hair loss. But instead of this there are certain external factors which are responsible for hair baldness such as pollution , stress and tensions . Different medicines and herbs are used for growth of hair.

Following are the herbs which are effective for the growth of hair


The aquatic plants are rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids. These affect the hair in many ways and have curative effects in hair problems. Algae are two sea weed which enhance the hair growth. These bring the shine in hair by improving the texture of the hair. These give the full nourishment required by the hair.


It is also one of the wonderful herbs which are used in skin care as well as for hair care. It is used in all the cosmetics for different purposes. The gel of the aloe Vera is full of anti oxidants and has anti inflammatory effects. Its gel is used to calm the irritated skin. It is also rubbed at the scalp to restore the natural PH balance of the skin of scalp and hair. With all these benefits the most effective use of this is that it helps in regeneration of hair from the hair follicles after stimulating their function.

Helvetia Canaliculated Extract

The extract of sea weed (Halophyte) is used in curing the bald ness. This pigment is considered as the potent anti oxidant which revitalizes, renew and stimulate the growth of hair. It has similar properties as that of vitamin E. It also repairs the damaged hair.