Gentle Care Of Long Hair While Brushing

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Gentle Care Of Long Hair While BrushingLong hair with shiny luster is the sign of feminist. These are liked and desired by most of the women. But beside the beauty of the long hair when the matter of their look after come most of us think to give cut to the long hair. That is the reason why many of us do not wear long hair in spite of strong desire. Any how if you have knowledge and get used to how to take care of the long hair then it is not a hardest job.

Following techniques should be taken in practice while combing the long hair:

  • Select the proper brush or comb for brushing the long hair. Usually the wooden brush or comb with wide and long bristles is best suited for the long hair.
  • Section the hair in two parts from the centre of the scalp and till the nape of the neck.
  • Now flow down one of the section in front of the one shoulder which is first required to brush.
  • All these strands of hair are not combed or brushed at once. These are further sub sectioned each with small section of hair strands. Now start to brush them first the hair from the nape of the neck or the underneath hair.
  • When one section is combed it is separated by flowing the fingers in hair strands. It will remove the static charge from the hair.
  • While start to comb each section always start from the free ends of the hair by dividing each one of the section in small parts.
  • The strokes of brush are from down to upward direction.
  • In the beginning the number of strokes is limited and raises the number of strokes after every week. Usually increase five strokes per week to your comfortable level. If the hairs are oily then the number of strokes are diminished because it will stimulate the hair follicles and secretion of natural oil is increased. It makes them more sticky and oily.
  • Brush your hair when they are dry because if the wet hair is detangled they will break and the hair roots get weakened. Mostly people not know the reason of combing and brushing the dry hair they start to detangle them and ultimately the result is seen as hair fall.
  • Paddle brush is the best choice for medium and long hair combing.

With the use of above techniques you can easily manage your long hair without much worry.