Female Libido & Fertility Enhancement by Ayurveda

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By Dr Rahul GuptaSexology

Ayurveda as an alternative branch of medicine focuses on the growth, development and treatment of body parts and organs so as to facilitate healthy living. The underlying principle of this field of study is to concentrate remedies on the various interacting energies present in the human body. An imbalance of energies, in most cases, leads to health problems. Ayurveda dwells on the idea of striking a balance among these energy levels.

A disconcerting vice of modern times is the rising statistics of cases of infertility all across the world. Female infertility and lowered libido amid women is a striking phenomenon that is almost inseparable from an urban way of life. Ayurveda makes use of its natural cures to treat lacking libido and infertility in women of the present times.

Ayurvedic remedies for the enhancement of female libido and fertility:-

All seven dhatus in your body need to be addressed in order to cure infertility and low libido; the shukra dhatu is of utmost importance if reproductivity is to be affected for the better.

  1. Consumption of whole grains can be of help. Instead of having processed or refined flour you must eat whole grains to increase your fiber intake.
  2. A handful of soaked almonds or walnuts should be eaten every morning. This can work wonders for your vitality.
  3. Dairy products are a rich source of protein; you must consume more of cottage cheese, lassi and milk if you wish to increase your libido.
  4. Fresh green vegetables and seasonal fruits, grown organically, can also be taken for improved effects.
  5. You may also have dry fruits such as raisins, dates or figs. These too can increase your chances of conception.
  6. Balance kapha during the proliferative phase by eating nourishing soups that strengthen the blood and enhance ovulation- include beetroots, Aloe vera, shatavari, and Amla.
  7. Balance pitta during the last phase of the cycle by keeping off foods that might aggravate heat and stress in your body, i.e. coffee, chocolate, alcohol.
  8. Increase your yoga practice, have lots of warm baths and clockwise abdominal massage and add Ashoka, Triphala and Aloe vera in your regime to keep the pelvic region uncongested.

Take a look at these specific food items that help in enhancing your Reproductive Tissue:-

  1. Drink milk regularly; it has potent benefits other than just fulfilling your calcium requirements.
  2. Savour a glass of mango or date milk shake more often.
  3. Asparagus and Broccoli can bring about a sharp rise in your libido.
  4. Eat healthy meals that are high in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Some of the foods that can easily be included in this list are green leafy vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, fresh fruits, and nuts. Legumes and whole wheat products are also ideal additions to this list.
  5. You should try to avoid foods that are very spicy, oily, fried foods and even products made with white flour.
  6. Eating cottage cheese as well as curd is also a good way to boost your chances of getting pregnant with the help of your diet.
  7. Female sterility can also be treated with a diet that consists of food that is high in zinc like oysters and other shellfish.