How To Tackle Sinus With Homeopathy?

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By Dr. Bela Chaudhry, Homeopathy

Those who suffer from sinus can understand the feeling and discomfort caused by the sudden pangs of unbearable pain that they experience. Sinus has many allopathic treatments, but most of the medicines have severe side effects and damage other parts of the body or at least weaken them. Furthermore, these medicines are usually long lasting with little or no improvement on the patient’s condition. Moreover, at times even after the medicine course is over their traces remain in the blood and might trigger certain side effects which can be harmful to the body. Therefore, to avoid these adverse effects of allopathic treatment, more and more people are now switching over to natural homeopathy in order to treat their sinus problems.

Here are some of the natural methods in which homeopathy treats sinus in most patients:

  1. Stay hydrated: You must drink plenty of water. This would help in thinning out the mucus and ultimately excreting it out of the body. Sinus pains usually occur due to clogging of mucus. Once this is taken out of the body the pain would start subsiding on its own.
  2. Avoid coffee/alcohol/cigarettes: These mentioned substances drain out the water from the body and make you dehydrated. This would impact your body negatively by thickening the mucus, which would in turn aggravate your sinus problem. Hence, it is best to avoid these when you are suffering from sinus.
  3. Steam Inhalation: This is a simple yet effective process. All you need to do is get hot water. At times you can even add a little eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil in it. Drape a towel around your face and shoulder and start inhaling the steam. This steam opens blocked nose and thins out the mucus to make it easier to breathe and also lessens the pain.
  4. Ginger: This is one of the universal ingredients which have the remedies to many problems. Its medicinal values are further triggered when you add them while brewing tea. This in turn would make it easier to consume in the body. Ginger once inside the blood stream starts working its way out to relieve you of the blocked mucus and helping you to ease out your discomfort which you experience when you suffer from sinus.

Thus, if you are suffering from sinus pains or you know someone who suffers from these pains, you can always help them by trying out these simple and effective, natural remedies. It might take some time for the pain to go completely but these are effective in the long run, and most importantly do not cause any side effects.