Give A Fresh Look To Yourself In Summer

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Give A Fresh Look To Yourself In SummerSummer season is more intense season to be tolerated, especially if you have to do work outdoor. But we all want to look more fresh and good as compared to others.

Following tips should be tried for better summer looks

  • First of all look at your skin. If there are sunburns, spots and blemishes try to improve them by the use of home remedies and regularly taking the special facials.
  • Drink lot of water as much as possible. Add few drops of lemon in it to make it more refreshing and more effective for your skin and body.
  • In summer your different body features are exposed to the atmosphere so keep it neat and clean. Remove hair from your skin, from arms, under arms, legs, and bikini area.
  • Wear cool colors and short clothes in summer season as shorts, capric, and tank tops. These will create the freshness and you can avoid perspiration with heat.
  • Select those designs in clothes which are with soft blooming colors. As it will make your mood happier and give soothing effect.
  • Chose the stuff of clothes in summer which can breathe and absorb the sweat It will keep your body cool.
  • Always wear the sun block with high SPF to maintain the texture of skin at exposed areas of the skin.
  • Use hair style which is in tied form as pony tails, braids and buns The hair updo work well in scratching sunshine.
  • Use shampoos and conditioners with sun block formulas.
  • While going outside wear glasses and cover your head with scarves or brim hats.
  • Not over do your skin with different cosmetics just use of water proof mascara is enough in hot summer season.
  • For bad odor and to maintain the good hygiene daily shower and use different summer bath spas.
  • Use deodorant in summer to avoid unusual smells.
  • Add lot of fresh fruits and raw vegetables in your meal to make up the deficiency of water with summer sweat.
  • Try to keep yourself indoor especially in between the 11 am to 5 pm. Avoid walk and shopping during these hours.