Dhat Syndrome

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By Dr. A. K Jain, Sexology

Men can have issues with problems with respect to reproductive parts and this issues ae quite serious and people think about it. One more syndrome is called Dhat syndrome. This condition is a syndrome in which male patients suffer from impotence and they believe that they pass semen with their urine. There are complaints between the symptoms like weakness, anxiety, guilt and what not.

Somatic symptoms like easy fatigability, weakness, insomnia, palpitations, low mood, anxiety, guilt are often present. Males sometimes report subjective feeling that their penises shorten. These kinds of symptoms are primarily related to a dysphoric mood and anxious state.
There are patients who showed the symptoms of Dhat syndrome were mainly from the recently married, young, belonging to low or average socioeconomic family status (perhaps a labourer, students or farmer by profession), from rural parts of India and from people from the family attitudes which are quite conservative towards sex.

Patients suffering from the Dhat syndrome can be broadly classified into three categories which are as follows:

1. Dhat alone
2. Dhat with comorbid depression and anxiety
3. Dhat with sexual dysfunction

From where does this word come from?
The word “Dhat” was derived from a word dhatu which is a Sanskrit language, which means “elixir”, “metal” or “constituent part of the body”.
There is a prevalent myth among people living in the Indian subcontinent is that it takes nearly 40 days for about 40 drops of food which are converted to a drop of blood, nearly 40 drops of blood make one drop of bone marrow and it is said that the 40 drops of bone marrow convert into one drop of semen.

Our advice
Vital fluids coming out with urine leads to impotency or physical debility and attention is required here. Many of the men try hiding these but this is not good, this may happen because of unnatural or it may also happen because of excessive sexual practices. There are many treatments for this and there are herbal treatments too which do not have side effects as the pills have and this thing also helps men to recover and gain confidence and gets potency and better health too. Ayurveda treatment helps the men to recover from the problem of semen coming with the urine and that too quickly, effectively. Semen along with urine causes loads of strain on the reproductive system of men. Keeping semen locked depends on nerves and if you want the medications to be done, then please don’t try becoming doctors and take advice from and prescription from doctors as this can happen due to some other reason which you may not know, hence do visit a doctor.

Health should be the priority and this is what we want for you, and hence we try to provide you with the best advice for your health.