Cooling Mint Bath Spa In Summer

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Mint is one of the greatest blessings of nature and the plant is very well known due to its strong specific aroma. It is widely found in India, Middle East and Europe. It has many nutritional and beauty benefits, because of its vast verities as peppermint, spearmint, and pineapple mint etc. The menthol is its major component which has anti viral, anti bacterial and antiseptic properties.
The mint has cooling, refreshing as well as a stringing abilities.

Due to above mentioned qualities mint bath gives a cooling effect in hot sweaty summer days. It is the perfect anecdote for summer season and is in practice in Europe and other parts of the world.

The mint bath gives you following sudden refreshing effects

  • Sedative and relaxing effects.
  • Recover from depression and melancholy effects.
  • Gives the relaxation and uplift the body energies.
  • Removes stress and tiredness.
  • Gives soothing effects to the body.
  • Induces romantic and happy feelings.
  • Fragrance and aroma provokes the intimate sensuality.
  • It is also good for asthma patients and also for those who are feeling congestion.
  • It usually suits to all types of skins.


  • Make sure that the fone is not at the hook and the door is closed so that nothing distract from enjoying the bath.
  • Play some soft music so you can get out of mental disturbances and all your nervous system feel relaxation.
  • Add mint water which is prepared by boiling a bunch of mint leaves in two to three liter water.
  • Close the windows to retain the aroma within the bath room.
  • Instead of mint water you may add two to three drops of mint oil in water with some lavender oil.
  • Immerse the body in the water with the neck rested on the rolled towel.
  • At eyes place the soothing eye pads to make the bath more refreshing.
  • For chapped skin the spear mint is used but the body is immersed only for five to seven minutes in the mint water.
  • After 5-7 minutes come out of the mint water and apply moisturizers at the skin.
  • For more refreshing effects you can add some other same therapeutic effect aroma with mint oil.
  • The temperature of water is also adjusted with requirements of the body. If there is ache in the body then Luke warm water is best. But in summer for refreshing effects cold water with 5 drops of peppermint is really a soothing effect.

The mint bath in hot summer is really good booster for your mental and body energies.