Beauty Tips With Money Saving

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Beauty Tips With Money Saving
Beauty Tips With Money Saving

To attain the eye catching beauty is a natural instinct of every human being. Sometimes we have no time and sometimes we have no enough money to spend upon us. The pocket money got by your mom is too less either to get refresh with your friends or to buy the things which you are intended. Even many of us with household task think it a luxury to spend money for their beauty.

So to get beauty become an unfulfilled desire and we see most of the celebrity with just by stunning eyes. Now if you have knowledge neither of making the use of nature for your service then to attain the stunning beauty is nor far from you. You can make the use of natural ingredients or even cheaper cosmetics for your beauty purposes.

  • Start to drink plenty of water to prevent your skin from sallowing or sagging. More you drink more the clear skin you get. It will flush out the free radicals form inside the body and act as natural cleanser which works inside out for your skin and body.
  • Before going to bed apply the castor oil or the coconut oil at the area under your eyes and at eye lashes. It costs a less but give the worthless beauty to your eyes when at morning you got up. It will create the sticky appearance to your eye lashes and they give dense look.
  • Get the manicure tips from the saloon once and instead of going to the saloon frequently save money and use them by yourself. Shape up your nails and remove the cuticles with the use of nail file. Brows internet to get the nail art designs and make your hands beautiful.
  • To reduce the puffiness of your eyes just place a spoon in your fridge and keep it there 10 minutes. Then the back of the spoon is placed at eyes for 3 minutes. It works well for removing the eye bags.
  • The hemorrhoid cream when applied at the area under the eyes precaution ally it will also remove the puffiness of eyes.
  • Another cheapest way to reduce the puffiness of eyes is to allow the ice to melt inside the mouth by holding it with tongue at the roof of the mouth.
  • Pedicure daily before going to bed is necessary when your toes are popping through beautiful sandals. Add the extract of lemon in water after squeezing it and put your feet at least 20 minutes in it. Then gently rub with pumice stone and after a few days work give a new look to your foot skin.