Widely Opened Beautiful Eyes

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Widely Opened Beautiful EyesBig eyes are considered as the symbol of beauty. Poetry with popping eyes is always liked by all guys. If you are blessed by natural big beautiful eyes its great. But not to worry if situation is different. There are variety of ways and cosmetics which enhance this facial feature.

Following tips should be tried to make them bigger

  1. Apply the primer to your eyes before doing any thing.
  2. Shape up the eye brows in manner by which it form a frame around your eyes and help to widen them up. Usually giving more gaps between the two brows or making they thin are techniques to give the wider look of the eyes. But careful shape them up as these will transform the whole of your facial features.
  3. Use the high lighter under your brow bone. It will definitely give the big and better look to your eyes.
  4. Use the eye shadows which are shimmery or glossy. These eye shadows enhance the feature by giving them bigger look as well as fresh them up. Especially in evening party make up. While in day time use neutral colors or matte eye shadows should be tried.
  5. Use the dark shades of eye shadows at the upper part of the lid slightly below the brow line.
  6. Another technique in the use of eye shadows is that use the same color with different eye shades is effective in making them bold.
  7. While doing eye make up use liner and eye shadow in more concentration in the middle of the lash line and in the centre of the lid.
  8. It has been observed that try the blue eye liner at the water line as it will emphasize the feature more prominently as compared to other colors.
  9. Use the mascara wand with angled tip as it will catch the all lash strands and cover them with mascara coat neatly.
  10. To avoid the funky crimps while curling the eye lashes use the curler in right way. Start from the roots of the lash and gently pulse the curler three times. Now move the curler half way up to the length of your eye lashes and repeat.
  11. Apply the liner at according to the length of the crease of the eye.
  12. Use the lengthening mascara in two coats with the gap of twp seconds. At the top apply the shiny coat of mascara.
  13. Use concealer to hide your dark circles and for it like salma hyke select the peachy pink concealer instead of pale tone.
  14. After applying the concealer slightly buff it toward the temples so the lines of foundation not make prominent after some time.
  15. At the end use illuminating highlighter at the inner counters of your eyes and at the creases of your brows to give them wider looks.

Widely Beautiful Eyes 2017-03-23