Tanned Skin – 5 Home Remedies At Your Rescue

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By Dr. Rashmi Mittal, Dermatology

Tanning of the skin, though desired by some, completely mars the complexion of few. In a tropical country like India, sun tanning is a serious problem, one that often times calls for medical intervention.  In fact a host of homemade remedies have also emerged to combat with this problem. Some of the remedies for sun tanning are:

  1. Cucumber juice: The advantages of cucumbers do not end with its nutritional values. In fact most of its well-acknowledged benefits pertain to beauty more than health care. In instances of tanning, try applying cucumber juice. This will not only help in lessening the effects of the tan but will also give a fresh glow to the face.
  2. Potato: It is unanimously agreed upon that potato is the most versatile vegetable. Irrespective of the dish, this vegetable almost always finds its way in it. Potato benefits the skin as well. In order to remove the tan, you must peel the potato and rub the potato skin on the face. An alternative way of maximizing the utility of the vegetable is by applying the juice of potato on the areas which are affected.
  3. Sandalwood powder: The goodness of sandalwood requires no introduction. It takes good care not only of the health but also of the skin. Even in the case of tanning, grind the sandalwood and mix it with almond oil and cucumber and apply the mixture.
  4. Aloe vera gel: This is one of the most trusted remedies of sun tanning. The aloe vera gel must be applied on the skin on a daily basis to retain the moisture in the skin and also to soothe it. For best results, mix some lemon juice in the aloe vera gel.
  5. Yoghurt and lemon: The advantages of yoghurt are aplenty, benefitting especially the skin. If mixed with lemon, the consequent paste bleaches the skin and significantly diminishes all the effects of tanning.