Best Diet For Pregnant Women!

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By Dr. Sangeeta Malik, Dietitian/Nutritionist

Pregnancy can be a wonderful yet tricky experience for women. Many women go through a lot of health problems during or after their pregnancies. Here is a certain diet that pregnant women must follow in order to stay healthy and have a healthy pregnancy:

Red-light foods – During your pregnancy there are a couple of things that may worry you, however eating should not be one of them. Why are a few foods untouchable when you are pregnant however, fine in case you are most not? To begin with, changes to your immune system now make you more powerless against food borne illnesses. So to be protected, stay away from the regular guilty parties of food borne diseases. These foods that should be avoided are as follows:

  1. Eggs: Because crude eggs might be infected with salmonella, a bacterium that can bring about fever, retching, and loose motions.
  2. Sushi: Except for properly cooked fish, sushi is not protected when you are expecting as it might contain disease-instigating parasites.
  3. Unpasteurized juice: Stay far from juice sold on stands or on the road. It might not have proper sanitization.

A few foods are fine in little amounts. However, they should not be taken for granted and consumed regularly or in abundance. These are:

  1. Elevated amounts of caffeine: Caffeine can lead to expanded health dangers in the baby. However, if you take in very little amounts, it is not that unsafe.
  2. Nitrate-rich foods: Properly cooked meats are also okay for your health. However, you should mix it with a little exercise daily.
  3. A few varieties of fish: Fish, which contains omega-3 unsaturated fats, is good for the baby’s mental health. Yet, a few types need to be disregarded because of abnormal amounts of methyl-mercury, a poison that can affect the child’s nervous system.

The good news is that a couple of foods you may have believed were very unhealthy really are not. These are:

  1. Soft cheeses: Soft cheeses, for example, Brie, feta, and gorgonzola were once considered conceivably unsafe since they can harbor listeria. Listeriosis, a disease brought about by the microscopic organisms listeria, can be passed to the embryo, leading to unsuccessful labor, unexpected labor, or stillbirth. However, this is not the case anymore.
  2. Cooked meat: Shop meat is fine during pregnancy but you need to sanitize and wash it properly first. Toss your sandwich in the microwave or request a hot or toasted sandwich at the store – simply ensuring the meat is steamed before you eat it.
  3. Crisp vegetables: Finally, leafy foods need to be a staple in your eating regimen, particularly during pregnancy, since they are high in vitamins and fiber.
  4. Liquor: Liquor has for some time been viewed as a no-no during pregnancy.