Spring 2017’s Ponytail Is A Funky Twist On This Classic Hairstyle

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The ponytail may be considered by many to be a haphazard hairstyle most suitable for the gym, but this casual hairdo is quickly being transformed into a coveted catwalk look. For Spring 2017, all variations of the low maintenance style were spotted on the runways. Perhaps proving that simplicity can sometimes elevate elegance to an entirely new level, Chanel showcased a decidedly cool approach to the classic ponytail. The iconic fashion house sent models down the catwalk with their locks pulled into youthful side ponytails. The side pony featured lightly textured locks, for an au naturel effect.

Meanwhile, Nicholas K turned to upscale sophisticated for a sleek, sexy update on the cheerleader ponytail. The Nicholas K variation on the trend involved perfectly slick locks worn in a high wrapped pony, with hair secured around the base of the ponytail. Free of unwanted frizz, this seductive ponytail immediately brought the Hollywood red carpets to mind.

For the girl next door who is looking for a low key hairstyle for a day off, look no further than the Boss runways. The ponytail was worn low and practical, with lightly texturized strands. As a stark contrast to the other runway iterations of the ponytail, this hairstyle brought minimalism to mind.

Whether you’re strutting the sidewalks or staying in, it’s clear that the ponytail has returned with a vengeance. From loose locks pulled back at the nape of the neck to glossy sleek locks, it’s clear that the understated pony just may be experiencing its moment in the sun.

Photos: Vogue Runway