Ayurveda For Diabetes (Prameha)

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By Dr. Satish Sawale, Ayurveda

What is Diabetes Mellitus?

Lack of physical labour, severe pressure of mental work and stress, faulty lifestyle and wrong dietary pattern are some of the factors that lead to Diabetes. In diabetes, the amount of insulin produced by pancreas is reduced quantitatively, which results in the increase of sugar in blood, and excess sugar eliminate outside through urine. Diabetes is considered as a life long disorder by modern medical science however, can be controlled and managed by changes in lifestyle and diet regulation, and Alternative System of Medicine- Ayurveda.

Diabetes Symptoms

  1. Sticky and concentrated urine
  2. Unquenchable Thirst
  3. Excess glucose leads to frequent urination
  4. Frequent hunger: to cope with high sugar, body produce insulin that lead to hunger
  5. Dryness and infection in the skin
  6. Weakness of eyesight
  7. Tiredness and weakness
  8. Delay healing of wounds
  9. Itching
  10. Weight fluctuation
  11. Burning of Palms and soles
  12. Sweet taste to mouth
  13. Drowsiness and Low sexual urge
  14. Anemia, Constipation

Causes of Diabetes

  1. Hereditary Genetics: Due to some genes transfer from parents to young ones.
  2. Age: 80% cases happen after 50 years and risk considerable rise after 65 years.
  3. Nutritional Deficiency: Improper nutrition, low protein and fiber intake, high intake of refined products causes diabetes.
  4. Obesity and Fat Distribution
  5. Overeating
  6. Sedentary Lifestyle: more prone to diabetes.
  7. Stress, Tension and worries: blamed as the preliminary factor of the disease.
  8. Drugs like steroids, Dilantin, alloxan, streptozocin, and thiazide diuretics are known to induce diabetes.
  9. Excessive Use of Alcohol
  10. Insulin Deficiency and resistance
  11. Syndromes like Down’s and Turner’s may cause permanent diabetes.
  12. Infection cause by Virus: i.e. Strephylococci affects the pancreas.
  13. Sex: commonly with older aged male, and female with multiple pregnancies.
  14. Hypertension: close relationship with hypertension/High Blood Pressure and diabetes.
  15. Increased cholesterol level
  16. Diet rich in carbohydrate and fat
  17. Excess intake of oil and sugar
  18. High blood pressure
  19. Removal of the pancreas by surgery

Simple Ayurvedic cure for diabetes

  1. Bitter Gourd Juice: Juice of Bitter melon/Karela (30 ml) may be taken on empty stomach daily in the early morning. Simple recipes of it can also be consumed. It is considered as one the best remedies for diabetes.
  2. Ground bay leaf Aloe Vera: The mixture of ground bay leaf (1/2 tbsp), turmeric (1/2 tbsp) and aloe vera gel (1 tbsp) if taken twice a day before lunch and dinner, is helpful to control sugar in blood thus effective for the problem.
  3. Methi Seeds:  Fenugreek seeds or its combination with ayurvedic herbs are useful remedy to lessen the signs and symptoms of diabetes. How to prepare: Grind seeds of Methi (100 gm) and turmeric (25gm) are taken along with a glass of milk twice a day.
  4. Soaked fenugreek seeds in warm water overnight followed by chewing it in the morning.
  5. Soak 4tbsp of the seeds in 300 ml water overnight. Crush them in the morning and strain the mixture. Drink it daily for 3 months.
  6. Chapattis are also prepared by adding methi powder.
  7. Jamun Seeds: The seed powder of Eugenia jambolana (1 tsp) twice a day along with lukewarm water is good in curing of it. The chewing of Jamun leaves prevents the conversion of starch into sugar.
  8. Amla: The juice of Amla (Embelica officinalis) (20 ml) twice a day is good for diabetic patient. The powder of Amla fruit may also be taken twice a day.
  9. Cinnamon powder: This is one of the important natural home remedies. How to prepare: First take one litre of drinkable water. Add 3-4 tbsp of cinnamon powder and heat it for 20 minutes. Strain the mixture and made it cool. Drink it every day.
  10. Triphala: Triphala along with other ingredients are useful in lowering the sugar levels in blood. How to use: The decoction of equal parts of Triphala, root of barberry, colocynth and moth (20ml) may be taken along with turmeric powder (4gm) twice a day.

Foods For Diabetics

As per ayurvedic lifestyle, following types of food may be taken and permitted by diabetes patient. These wholesome foods are bitter gourd, amla, turmeric, snake gourd, drum stick, wheat, barley, horse gram, green gram, blue berry, soyabean, pepper, garlic, cucumber, spinach, jamun, bel, fenugreek seeds, tulsi.

Foods To Be Avoided By Diabetics

There are some foods which are prohibited for diabetes patients. The list of such food items are: sugar, sugar cane juice, ghee, oil, cakes, jaggery, sour beverages, alcohol, food rich in carbohydrate, curd, root rhizome, junk foods, butter, cold drinks and biscuits.