Heat Rash And How to Cure it?

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By Dr. Sandesh Gupta, Dermatology

Heat rash mainly occurs due to extreme heat, and thus it is noticeable during the summer season. It is either reddish or pinkish in color, and usually found on the body parts that are covered by clothes.
Blocking of sweat ducts creates this kind of situation, and you might even experience unwanted itching, discomfort and swelling. You must have seen this rash in babies during hot and humid climatic conditions.

Few popular treatments for curing a heat rash

  1.  Application of calamine lotion: Calamine lotion can be applied directly on the irritated skin areas so that itching and inflammation can be stopped immediately. This lotion consists of dimethicone, which is pretty soothing for itchy skin. Other lotions of this type are Cetaphil, Moisturel and others.
  2. Taking oatmeal bath: Oatmeal bath can be treated as one of the most useful and natural remedies that can cure a heat rash with great speed. The bathing solution can be created with warm water, oatmeal and baking soda. All these ingredients are put inside the blender for getting an outstanding blend.
  3. Having antihistamine medicines: For dealing severe or acute rash condition, you can start taking antihistamines, especially Benadryl. But you can use only those medicines that have been prescribed by your dermatologist. Do not collect any OTC product as that might invite serious issues.
  4. Wearing loose clothes: During summers, you are highly recommended to wear only loose clothes so that your skin can breathe properly, and sweating can be properly done without any interruptions. This rash mainly occurs due to clothing friction on the skin.  On the other hand, clothes should be regularly washed using a mild detergent for maintaining the hygiene. Clothes made of either propylene or cotton should be used for getting highest comfort and to avoid skin rash.
  5. Consulting doctor: Though staying away from sun’s heat is the commonest suggestion, but still it is better to consult a doctor so that you can get proper guidance on how to keep away red skin rash.
  6. Air-drying the skin: Drying up the skin is a great option. If the sweat gets dried completely, then this rash will not occur. You can use clean cotton-made towels for the same.
  7. Using an air-conditioner: Choose to stay only in shady or cool areas and in this respect, you can also use air conditioning in order to get maximized cooling effects.

The above tips will help you to get rid of heat rash, and above all, all of them are pretty harmless in nature.