9 Thyroid Mistakes That We Must Stop Doing!

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By Dr. Hanish Gupta, Endocrinology

For a number of patients suffering from thyroid disease, the disorder lasts lifelong and makes the health condition of the patient quite challenging. There are many major mistakes made by a thyroid patient that may lead to more fatality and such mistakes should be avoided at any cost.

Here are nine common mistakes you might be making and how to abstain from them:

  1. Skipping your medications: Many thyroid patients avoid taking their medications due to several reasons. Some may be forgetful in nature, which leads to skipping of important daily medicines, ignoring them is highly harmful for your thyroid disorder.
  2. Do not wait until the last moment to refill medications: Many thyroid patients run out of their daily medications and take too much time to refill them. Some patients blame the doctors by saying that the latter does not order the medicine unless the patients come for an appointment along with bloodwork. Many patients do not refill their medicines before the last pill ends. This should be checked.
  3. Do not drink coffee while you have thyroid medicines: Having a cup of coffee followed by taking a thyroid pill should be strictly avoided. The coffee disrupts the absorption of the medicine. You should wait at least an hour for coffee after taking a pill.
  4. Do not overindulge in goitrogenic food: Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and kale are indeed healthy, but should be avoided in excess. These can slow your thyroid, prohibit medicine absorption and may cause swelling of the thyroid gland.
  5. Reduce your calcium and fiber supplements: Calcium supplements, calcium-fortified fruit juice, soybeans and a high fiber diet affects your thyroid health. Medical absorption is slowed down.
  6. Avoid radioactive Iodine treatment at a premature stage: Many doctors suggest Radioactive iodine or RAI treatment for hyperthyroid patients. However, thyroid medicines are a better option than destruction of the gland.
  7. Stop taking advice from unreliable sources: There are a lot of people, internet advertisements, ebooks and others which provide you with solutions and cures for your thyroid and even recommend medications. Abstain from listening to these unreliable sources.
  8. Do not accept less than optimum treatment for hypothyroidism: A lot of thyroid patients become hyperthyroid because of self destruction of the gland due to Hashimoto’s disease or due to other surgeries, goiter or RAI treatment. In case of hypothyroidism, more treatment has to be carried out except prescribed drugs.
  9. Stop losing your thyroid gland in the case of indeterminate or Inconclusive biopsy: In case of thyroid nodules, avoid fine needle aspiration technique and adapt the process of thyroidectomy.

These general and common mistakes should always be avoided, in cases of thyroid patients.