Unicorn Nails Are A Perfectly Unique New Manicure

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Photo: hb_nailsandbeauty on Instagram 

While unicorns have inspired everything from eye makeup to hair colours in the past year, this mystical creature has now left its mark in the world of nails. Probably best known for its long, majestic horn, the unicorn has influenced Spring 2017’s latest manicure trend. Fittingly, the unicorn mani features a long, textured statement nail which resembles the mythical beast’s horn. For anyone who wants to delve into fantasy, this three dimensional manicure may be one to transport you into a fairy tale.

Photo: learningtoinspire on Instagram 

On Instagram, unicorn nails are proving that happily ever after exists, in all manner of girlish pastel hues. From cotton candy pink to faux gem-encrusted fingertips, the textured talons are being contrasted against various forms of nail art. Meanwhile, minimalists can embrace a unicorn mani in the form of pale pink or white tips. Whether you prefer bold fuchsia or iridescent sparkle, unicorn nails can also be adapted to suit your tasted. From rebels to prim and proper ladies, just about everyone can incorporate spring’s most fantastical beauty trend into their look.

For a closer glimpse of unicorn nails, look no further than these eye-catching examples from social media.

Photo: creative.looks_ on Instagram 

Photo: sylvianails on Instagram