Hair loss when normal and when it should be concerned

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By Dr. Richfeel, Dermatology

Hair is the sensitive issue for men and women .It is basically reflection of our body .In good health, it shows shine, lustre and in ill health, it goes dry ,brittle. There is always a good hair day and bad hair day. Loosing hair is always a concern for everyone .However it is important to know whether it is normal or it should be concern.

Causes :

Hair fall is considered as modern day disease .Erratic working schedule, eating too much of junk food and sedentary lifestyle causes loosing on essential part of our day to day life .Loss of minerals protein and iron can cause hair fall. Timely eating food is also very important as basic metabolic rate changes as the day starts and ends. .If there is an erratic schedule body tries to compromise on essential molecules.

For us, Hair is the important organ as it is the crowning glory but in crisis body will try to fulfil demands of important organ ignoring hair. Crash dieting is another cause for hair loss. Post pregnancy weight shedding also contributes to hair loss along with hormonal fluctuation. Healthy food is the key for shiny, bouncy, lustrous hair.

Stress is one of the important cause for hair fall. Stress indirectly works as a trigger for hair fall, hair thinning, trichotillomania, different types of alopecia etc.

There are chronic disorders like diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis which adds up in hair fall. Many other conditions like auto immune disorders, medications, harsh products also increases shedding of hair. Each of these can cause significant hair loss and leave the person with bald patches that either take long time to come back or won’t grow back at all. Some of these things can be reversible like medications, illness. Genetic loss of hair is permanent as it also involves hormones.

Hair shedding :

It is very normal to go through the common causes of hair loss and shed few extra hair .But it does not mean that the person is going bald or having excessive hair fall. It is mere that the person’s body is getting exposed to various conditions which are out of control of that person and it recovers once body adjust itself. If it does not recover then it says that there is concern and hair needs support.

Loosing approximately 40 to 50 strands of hair on daily basis is considered to be normal .The day when the person uses oil on the scalp and wash it, hair fall tends to be more .But if hair, comes out even on slightest touch or lot of hair are seen on pillow then it is considered to be a hair fall.

Eat well, Drink enough amount of water and take 6 to 8 hrs of sleep is the mantra to have a good healthy hair.