Hair Dusting Is The Latest Technique For Maintaining Your Locks

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Photo: nataliepalomino on Instagram 

As every long-haired beauty knows, rocking a voluminous mane can certainly come with its struggles. If you’re currently sporting lengthy locks, chances are that the wintry weather of the past couple weeks has affected your tresses. However, the latest hair technique promises to be an alternative to chopping off your split ends.

Photo: danielleatsculptures on Instagram 

For anyone who is dealing with splintered locks and frizz, hair dusting involves skimming the length of the hair with a pair of scissors. With the sole purpose in mind of removing pesky split ends, hair dusting claims to bluntly remove the unwanted ends. However, it also maintains the length of the locks. If you’re aiming to keep your waist-length mane intact, hair dusting can help you preserve your style.

Photo: elegant_tver on Instagram 

While this precise technique is certainly difficult to master, hair dusting can be achieved by an experienced hairstylist. In fact, the split ends are very carefully snipped off, but the rest of the hair strand is left intact.

Will hair dusting gain popularity as a mainstream hair technique? Although this specific strategy may just be making headlines now, it has actually been known in the salon world for a number of years. Either way, it’s best to leave dusting split ends to a professional- we’re not sure if this is a hair maintenance trick we would try at home!